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This is what actor Keanu Reeves looks like as samurai Jin Sakai

Canadian actor, film director, writer and producer Keanu Reeves can look forward to a huge, loyal following, who would love to see him in every film and series. At least since his legendary appearance as part of the E3 trade fair in Los Angeles in 2019, with the game developer CD Projekt RED his current project Cyberpunk 2077 presented, Reeves is immortalized as a meme on the Internet.

“Matrix” legend Keanu Reeves embodies the character in the sci-fi title Johnny Silverhandwho is connected to protagonist V in a very specific way.

Keanu Reeves as the protagonist in Ghost of Tsushima

Now the actor has received new appreciation from his fans by starring Ghost of Tsushima was moved. The open world title from Sucker Punch Productions is exclusive to the in July 2020 PS4 appeared and has just reached the milestone of 6.5 million copies sold exceeded. This is especially impressive given that the game is a completely new IP that the developers worked on for six years. But so far the title has apparently been missing one crucial thing – Keanu Reeves. At least if you asked fans of the actor.

One of them has made it their business to put the actor in the lead role of the action role-playing game and Keanu as Jin Sakai to bring into play. In an elaborate 12-minute video, the creator has cut together numerous scenes from “Ghost of Tsushima” in which Keanu Reeves is the protagonist. The forgery is so successful that it seems that the actor really embodies the samurai in the game.

Ghost of Tsushima movie with Keanu Reeves?

It was only recently that the Sony became known on a movie for “Ghost of Tsushima” works. So far it is not known who will play the protagonist Jin Sakai. But the chances that Keanu Reeves could be asked for this role are rather slim. Mainly because the actor who actually played Jin Sakai has already expressed his interest in playing his role in the film. Since Daisuke Tsuji did a very good job portraying Jin Sakai, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have him play that role in the film as well. Especially since Tsuji is already familiar with the game as well as the character.

So it probably remains a wish of the community to see Reves on the screen as a Japanese samurai. Since Reeves is currently working on various projects, there should be enough opportunities in the coming period to admire the actor in other productions.



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