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The film about it on Amazon is total nonsense, but I urgently need more replenishment

The new Netflix series Lupine goes down like criminal oil, but the enjoyable binge is over far too quickly. Only five episodes with Omar Sy as a master thief have been released so far.

It is not known when part 2 or season 2 of Lupine will start on Netflix. The withdrawal symptoms led me into one dark corner of Amazon Prime. A film is waiting there in which even Eva Green and Kristin Scott Thomas play a role. But be careful, Arsène Lupine is pure nonsense. And of the bad kind.

What does the film on Amazon Prime have to do with the Lupine series on Netflix?

Gentleman crook Assane Diop (Omar Sy) has a great role model in the Netflix series: the novel hero Arsène Lupine, who was created by Maurice Leblanc. There are various Parallels between Assane and Arsène. This is also shown by the French film adaptation from 2004.

Check out the trailer for Arsène Lupine:

Arsene Lupine – Trailer (German)


Arsène Lupine (Romain Duris) discovered the $ 20 million production in its natural habitat: the end of the 19th century. The cornerstones of his story will be familiar to fans of the Netflix series:

  • The young Arsène mysteriously loses his father.
  • Queen Marie Antoinette’s collar plays a role.
  • He has a close relationship with the daughter of an enemy, this time played by Eva Green.

While Omar Sys Lupine tries to uncover the secret of his father’s death on Netflix, this master thief stumbles into a crazy conspiracy.

The Lupine movie on Amazon is not a replacement for Season 2

So at first I was dominated by déja-vu. Roman Duris lacks the charisma of Omar Sy, but he fills the master thief with top hat and monocle quite charmingly. When he steals jewelry under their noses or hops over the rooftops of Paris at night, the lupine feeling sets in.

However, the series does not prepare for that supernatural elements by Arsène Lupins Adventures before. These can already be found in the template, in the anime Lupine III and also in this movie. The amusing fun about a gentleman crook turns into a chaotic hunt between a Christian secret society and a seductive houseboat witch (Kristin Scott Thomas).

The advantage: The wild ride somewhere between Indiana Jones and Dan Brown is full of surprises. The disadvantage: You don’t care.

That’s the bad kind of bullshit, not the good one

For a long time the film is reasonably entertaining, but it never builds the necessary sympathy with the thief. This basic interest in adventure is a fundamental one Difference between good nonsense and bad nonsense.

Part 2, Season 2 or whatever we want to call it: The new episodes of Lupine can’t start fast enough. This film doesn’t dampen my longing a bit.

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What do you think of the Netflix series with Omar Sy?

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