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Steven Spielberg filmed his own childhood

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg (74) has found another leading actor for the planned film based on his childhood. US actor Paul Dano (36, “There Will Be Blood”) joins Seth Rogen (38, “Bad Neighbors”) and Michelle Williams (40, “Manchester by the Sea”), Spielberg’s production company Amblin announced on Thursday on Twitter .

Although the boy in the film is apparently not called Steven, he does seem to have lived through many of the filmmaker’s autobiographical stations. For example the hatred of Jews that Spielberg and his family faced.

In the autobiographical film, Dano is to play a character based on Spielberg’s father Arnold, reported the industry journals “Variety” and “Hollywood Reporter”. Williams takes on the mother role, Rogen plays an uncle.

Filming is scheduled to start in the summer.

Spielberg wrote the script for the still untitled film together with author Tony Kushner, who also provided the scripts for Spielberg films such as “Munich”, “Lincoln” and “West Side Story”. Filming is scheduled to start in the summer.

Spielberg spent parts of his childhood in the US state of Arizona in the 1950s. He used a Super 8mm film camera, a gift from his father, to make films as a teenager. Spielberg’s father died last August at the age of 103.

He had worked as an electrical engineer, was married twice and had three daughters in addition to his son Steven. The award-winning Spielberg became famous with Hollywood films such as “Jaws”, “ET – The Extra-Terrestrial” and “Jurassic Park”. dpa / yes



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