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Sofía Vergara + Joe Manganiello: Parenting is practiced

With them all signs point to family: Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello are about to enter into the marriage bond and even seem to be practicing parenthood

Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello have been engaged since December last year and have been overjoyed to plan the next steps towards becoming a mini-family. Later this year, Joe’s kneeling will be followed by the walk to the altar. And because a small family also has a child, the actor couple is said to have even thought about a common offspring. Until then, however, they first practice their parenting qualities with other babies.

Practice early

Joe Manganiello leaves nothing to chance that quickly. A spontaneous marriage proposal? That was out of the question for the “Magic Mike” star. He spent a long time preparing for the perfect engagement ceremony last year. That doesn’t seem to be any different when it comes to being a dad. Just yesterday, Sofía Vergara (“Modern Family”) posted a photo of the smart actor on Instagram, which shows him with his cute niece. With a caring cradle in his arms and a feeding bottle, Joe is apparently already practicing what it’s like to look after a toddler.

Pregnancy? Yes, please!

Sofía also seemed to be very enthusiastic about the picture of her fiancé with a baby in her arms. She provided the Instagram snapshot with heart-eye smileys. She is said to have already expressed the wish to have a child with Joe at the beginning of the year. She plans to get pregnant by autumn at the latest, a confidante of the couple told the American “OK!” Magazine.

So Joe Manganiello would still have a few months to develop his father qualities and to prepare himself perfectly for a possible growth.




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