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Sofía Vergara: I would do anything to look young!

Sofia Vergara
I would do anything to look young!

Sofia Vergara

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Actress Sofía Vergara doesn’t want to look old under any circumstances and would therefore resort to unusual means

Sofía Vergara, 42, knows hardly any limits in her longing for a youthful appearance.

The hot-blooded actress (“Modern Family”) is known for her sexy look, which hides her true age behind feminine curves and perfect skin.

And while they envy millions of women, Sofía is always on the lookout for the next top cream or treatment that will keep her youthful look. The nice thing is: in her madness, she has not forgotten how to laugh at herself!

In an interview with New Beauty magazine, she smiled: “I don’t want to get older! If you told me now to put cement around my eyes to fight my wrinkles, I would!”

In the TV series “Modern Family”, Sofía Vergara appears in front of the camera alongside young talents such as Sarah Hyland, 24, and Ariel Winter, 16 – the experienced actress seems to be hooked on their youth. “Youth makes everyone look good,” the Latina sighed wistfully. “Back then I had to worry about a lot less …”

That also included the thing with sport: in the past, the man’s dream hardly had to do sport to look fit. That has changed in the meantime. “When I turned 40, all of a sudden I was seeing things [an meinem Körper]that I hadn’t noticed before. People in the US are crazy about exercise and a healthy life, so I told myself I should do something too, “she recently told Men’s Fitness magazine.

Since Sofía Vergara has broken knees and sports like jogging are canceled, she has chosen the sports equipment “Megaformer” and thus keeps herself fit with push-ups, leg extension exercises and the like.




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