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Shooting is “Mission Impossible”: Another film trouble for Tom Cruise

Shooting is “Mission Impossible”
Another movie trouble for Tom Cruise

Actually, the next two parts of the “Mission Impossible” series should be turned away one after the other. But nothing will come of it now. In addition to Corona, another Tom Cruise project is to blame.

Even shooting the seventh part of the “Mission: Impossible” series is difficult. Time and again, work on the action flick has to be interrupted due to the corona pandemic or filming locations have to be changed. Then there were accidents on the set, and Tom Cruise made headlines with a freak out against his employees. Actually, the shooting of the next one should continue immediately after this part. But nothing will come of that either, as the US industry website “Deadline” reports.

The reason for this is, of all things, another project by Cruise and the responsible studio Paramount Pictures, namely “Top Gun: Maverick”. Since its start had to be postponed to July 2021 due to the pandemic, the main actor will first have to do a promo instead of standing on the “Mission: Impossible 8” set. Apparently there is hope that the Corona situation will have relaxed enough by summer that Cruise can travel around the world to appear on talk shows and give interviews on “Top Gun”. Only when the film has started, the shooting of the eighth “Mission: Impossible” part should be rescheduled.

Turning and traveling impossible

Before the pandemic, it was quite possible that a star took part in promo dates for another project during new filming, is probably out of the question for the time being. On the one hand, because Cruise is in so many scenes of “Mission: Impossible 8” in the picture that he hardly has any free time. On the other hand, probably also because the promotion for a film that is coming to the cinema that has been idle for so long should take weeks. And last but not least, Corona restricts the freedom of travel of the stars, who are actually not allowed to leave the film set in order to minimize the risk of infection from outside.

“Mission: Impossible 8” is not expected to start shooting until late summer or even autumn this year, which should also have an impact on the film’s theatrical release. It is currently scheduled for November 3, 2022, but could also be postponed to 2023. The German theatrical release of “Mission: Impossible 7” is currently planned for November 18th.

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