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Season 8 story trailer shows the destroyed map

The new trailer for Season 8, Chapter 2 in Fortnite is online. The trailer hints at what the world of Fortnite will look like after the live event at the end of the season – and a lot seems to have broken down.

What’s going on in Fortnite right now? On Sunday evening, September 12th, Season 7 in Fortnite came to a crashing end. The live event “Operation: Himmelsfeuer” took place at 10:00 pm as the grand finale of the season and led to the explosion of the mother ship that was floating over the island.

At the same time, the well-known chaos cube “Kevin” was reactivated – and with it countless other cubes. They have now apparently crashed together with the spaceship on Fortnite Island. At least that is shown by the new story trailer that Fortnite has now published for the beginning of Season 8.

New trailer for Fortnite Season 8 shows a gloomy world

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The new story trailer for “Cube madness”

This is what the trailer shows: In the new trailer, a group of Fortnite characters move through the crash site of one of the spaceships. There she finds the apparently deactivated Kevin – who shortly afterwards comes back to life and goes on to attack.

Then countless creepy figures emerge from the rubble, gathering around the group and attacking them. Despite resistance, it doesn’t look good.

Because: The camera pans upwards and reveals that the surroundings have been completely destroyed and plunged into darkness. Numerous Kevin clones activate and begin to roll across the ground. Then the name of the new season is shown: “Cube madness”.

Finally, the trailer shows an underwater scene: Here we see the Seven member “The Foundation” lying on the ground. Not only have long rumors about the character that Hollywood star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson lends him the voice – now he seems to want to intervene again in the story. Because the last scene of the trailer shows how his helmet is sending signs of life again.

To what extent the trailer will be carried over to the game remains to be seen. Whether the new map is now overrun by dice and has actually been largely destroyed will be revealed at the latest when the new season goes online.

With the new season there will also be a new Battle Pass. What’s in there, you can find out here in the article on the new Battle Pass trailer for Season 8 in Fortnite. You can find the trailer here, which shows a Marvel villain.

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