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Rihanna is supposed to date rapper A $ AP Rocky!>entertainment>

December 01, 2020 – 12:20 pm clock

Is RiRi no longer available?

“Only God knows if I’m going to get married. We make plans and God laughs, right?” That’s how Rihanna (32) answered a year and a half ago when asked if she would ever get married. Now the singer should have come a step closer to the lifelong pact, because according to “People Magazine” Rihanna is in love! She is supposed to date her good friend and rapper A $ AP Rocky (32).

Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky spotted having dinner together

When it comes to the news, Starnews magazine cites an insider. The New York Post previously reported that Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky were spotted having dinner with friends at the Beatrice Inn in New York.

There is no official confirmation from the singer or the rapper so far, but if you look at joint recordings of the two, it is easy to see that the chemistry between the artists is just right.

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A $ AP Rocky was allowed to model for Rihanna’s brand “Fenty Skin”

In the past, the singer and the rapper have often shown each other side by side, for example during an interview with “GQ” or on the red carpet at the “Fashion Awards 2019” in London. Rihanna gave A $ AP Rocky a real proof of love back in the summer. Because in July the singer published a promotional photo of herself with the rapper for her product line “Fenty Skin.” Anyone who knows Rihanna knows that her own brand is like a baby of her own – very important. That A $ AP Rocky was allowed to promote “Fenty Skin” must have felt like an accolade for him.

Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky pose for “Fenty Skin”

Rihanna = boss babe

If the People Magazine insider is telling the truth, A $ AP Rocky should consider himself lucky. Because Rihanna is not only a natural beauty, but also an impressive business woman. In addition to the drugstore, your brand is now also in the fashion industry. With “Savage X Fenty”, Rihanna has been successfully designing underwear for women and men for years and “Fenty” is also expanding into other areas of fashion.

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