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Rihanna also wears her gold Cartier when she goes shopping in the supermarket

Imagine shopping in a regular Los Angeles supermarket. You stand between the macaroni and the potato salad, and – BAM! There is Rihanna. But even when Rihanna shops like a normal person, she wears a damn good watch with it: a gold Cartier Santos, a watch that most celebrities reserve for the red carpet. Rihanna, of course, is not “most of the celebrities”. The singer has amassed an impressive number of timepieces over the course of her career. She owns collector’s favorites like the Patek Philippe Nautilus, Rolex Day-Date and Cartier Panthère. And this golden Cartier that is now shopping for groceries.

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Rihanna’s Cartier Santos

Cartier is the perfect brand for someone as fashion conscious as Rihanna. While traditional watchmakers are obsessed with the movements inside the watches, Cartier is just as interested in making the cases that the movements sit in look like fine pieces of jewelry. However, the watch is not cheap: In the Rihanna version, the Cartier Santos currently costs from 30,400 euros.

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