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PS5 game with a grown-up tone

Wolverine: PS5 game with a grown-up tone

Last week, Sony and Insomniac Games announced a “Wolverine” game that will be released for the PS5 at an as-yet-unknown date. Too many details did not come to light in the course of the revelation, which was accompanied by a teaser trailer.

The Creative Director Brian Horton provided a little snippet of information on Twitter, who was initially asked whether the players with “Wolverine” can expect a big game or something like the spin-off “Miles Morales”. Horton spoke in the answer of “full size”, so that the title will apparently occupy the order of magnitude of a common AAA game.

Wolverine with a grown-up tone

The second statement by the creative director is also interesting. While Insomniac has a history of making M-rated games, including Sunset Overdrive and the Resistance trilogy, the studio generally tends to create games that appeal to a wider range. In the case of “Wolverine” it is obviously going in the M-direction again.

In his Twitter statement, Horton refers to a “mature tone”, that is, to an adult orientation or tonality. What that means in the end will be shown in more videos and the finished game. But this approach seems to fit the character of the game very well.

Actors are interested

The announcement of “Wolverine” caused quite a stir last week. So it’s not surprising that there are quite a number of actors out there who would love to take on the role.

More about Wolverine:

These include David Hayter, best known as Solid Snake (and Big Boss) in the “Metal Gear Solid” series, and Elias Toufexis, who played Adam Jensen in “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” and its sequel. Both have announced their interest in the role of Wolverine in Insomniacs’ upcoming game on Twitter:

Which actor would you like to see in the role of Wolverine?

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