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“Pirates of the Caribbean 6” comes without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow ·

The chances of returning as Jack Sparrow were already very slim, but now the pirate franchise seems to be parting with the actor for good.

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Not long ago we got news that Johnny Depp will no longer be part of Fantastic Beasts 3, in which he played the role of Gellert Grindewald. It is suspected that the legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard was the reason for his sacking. Meanwhile, there was already speculation whether the Hollywood star would everPirates of the Caribbean 6“Will return. Since Disney wants to revive the franchise with a reboot, the chances of Depp’s return have plummeted for the time being.

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Only producer Jerry Bruckheimer still spoke out in favor of the Captain Jack Sparrow star and was toying with a possible cameo in the next pirate sequel. But apparently nothing will come of it either. As the Hollywood Reporter reports, Disney parted ways with Johnny Depp in May 2020, but it was never officially announced. In the course of this, insiders have confirmed that the friendship between Bruckheimer and Depp was already breaking up and the film producer distanced himself more and more from the actor. This means that Johnny Depp will apparently no longer get an appearance in “Pirates of the Caribbean 6”.

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Johnny Depp was supposed to play Houdini in a TV series

In the further course of the report by Hollywood Reporter it is also announced that Johnny Depp was to star in a TV series produced by Bruckheimer, which could have given his career new impetus. The series was supposed to revolve around the illusionist Harry Houdini, but after the Depp scandals, the actor was no longer appointed for the role and the project fell into disrepair.

Johnny Depp’s last films such as “Alice in Wonderland: Behind the Mirrors” and “Transcendence” did not land much success – in contrast, “Fantastic Beasts” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” are of course promising franchises. However, the film studios do not seem to want to continue working with Depp, which is understandable. It is doubtful whether the petition from the fans will make any difference.

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