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OnlyFans Leak: Intimate photos surfaced – celebrities also affected

The content of hundreds of OnlyFans accounts is currently not only “only for fans”, but also accessible to everyone on the Internet. This led to the alleged data theft.

April 9th, 2021, 6:32 pm04/10/2021, 5:54 pm

Chantal Stäubli
Chantal Stäubli


What is sometimes not allowed to be shown on Instagram can be used to earn a lot of money on the OnlyFans portal. We are talking about very revealing content. Unlike Instagram, for example, the platform does not have strict guidelines when it comes to nudity and sexuality. Only: To look at the profiles, you usually have to pay a monthly fee.

Now a large amount of data of photos and videos from over hundreds of OnlyFans accounts has appeared on the Internet at once. The cybersecurity company BackChannel came across a Google Drive folder containing over ten gigabytes of illegally copied photos and images. Almost 300 OnlyFans accounts are affected.

Images of celebrities such as Hollywood star Bella Throne were also freely accessible. Some time ago, Throne was able to set a revenue record with pictures in a tight bikini. In her first week on the portal, the 22-year-old earned two million dollars. The actress repeatedly emphasizes that money is irrelevant. The focus is on improved contact with their fans.

But back to the data leak: The large number of stolen files indicates that the collection was put together by several people, according to BackChannel. The cybersecurity company suspects that several users illegally saved the paid content and then posted it online.

OnlyFans denies the leak

It wasn’t too difficult for them, says Aaron DeVera, head of BackChannel: “Onlyfans has relatively weak content control mechanisms”. It is easy for subscribers to download and share content. There are many bots and scrapers on the platform that a subscriber can use.

However, OnlyFans denies that the pictures and video came from their portal. The reports about a security hole are wrong. The pictures were stolen from somewhere else, compiled and then illegally distributed, according to a spokesman.

But it is not the first time that content from the OnlyFans platform has been illegally redistributed. Recently, erotic actress Natasha Noel’s private content surfaced on Reddit. Noel then asked Reddit to give her full details, such as the email and IP addresses of the content thieves.

Natasha Noel on Instagram.

But this did not happen. User information can only be disclosed with a court order, according to the online forum. In the case of infringing or copyrighted material, action would be taken against the user.

As a Reddit user, you don’t have to provide a name or any other identifying information. This makes it easy for content thieves to distribute stolen material without any consequences.

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