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New “Uncharted” pictures reveal epic treasure hunts for Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg ·

The pictures not only point to the plot, but also to an upcoming trailer for the adventure film “Uncharted” with MCU star Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.


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The filming of the upcoming video game adaptation “Uncharted” was completed at the end of October 2020. The film was shot in Berlin with the main actors Tom Holland (“Spider-Man: Far From Home”) and Mark Wahlberg (“Transformers: The Last Knight”). Already on his last day of shooting and shortly before leaving for the shooting of the upcoming MCU film “Spider-Man 3”, Holland published his first look at himself as a young Nathan Drake – optically exactly as you would from the successful video game series by developer Naughty Dog knows.

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The currently targeted theatrical release of director Ruben Fleischer’s adventure film is July 15, 2021; so there are only seven months left until then. Usually the fans should receive a first trailer or teaser in the near future. Until then, however, there is another batch of fresh new pictures to enjoy:

What do these images reveal about the plot of “Uncharted”?

If you take a closer look at the first official photo of Holland’s Nathan Drake, you can see that he is standing on a shipwreck with a rather worn out look. The scene in question could therefore take place at a very advanced stage in the plot. Other published pictures of video game voice actor Nolan North’s visit to the set also show an artifact rammed into the ground and an open book about the first circumnavigation of the world under the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan. Magellan did not experience the circumnavigation of the world, he died in 1521 on the Philippine island of Mactan while attempting to subjugate the islanders.

The creators had already let it be known that no specific part of the video game series should be filmed here, which is why they apparently decided on a kind of prequel approach. Admittedly, video games have already covered this area through flashbacks in “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” and “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”. Holland’s Drake, however, is older than in the flashbacks and younger than the adult Drake from the video games – an interim solution.

The pictures that have now been published not only show other artifacts that serve as keys, but also an old seafarer’s map and an ancient room, perhaps also inside the shipwreck, which may contain treasures. So it looks like puzzles will definitely play a big role in the movie too.

Not only “Uncharted” should liven up the cinema year 2021. But can you already recognize the upcoming films by just one picture?

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