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Missing Limbs: Anne Hathaway’s new role polarizes

Actress Anne Hathaway (37) admits a mistake! The US star, who became known through films like Suddenly Princess or “The Devil Wears Prada”, has become an indispensable part of the film industry. But now it’s time for the Hollywood beauty to apologize. In her new film, she took on a role that she now has to answer for. What happened?

Anne Hathaway plays a witch in her latest flick. The problem with the whole thing: Each hand has only three fingers and feet without toes! It was precisely because of this that many people with such impairments, especially children, felt attacked. The 37-year-old apologizes for this now Instagram: “As a person who is very inclusive and abhorrent at cruelty, I owe you an apology for the pain I have caused within you.” In her post, the actress also shared a link to a charity for people with limb differences.

Exactly this organization is now sharply criticizing the film and calling for a boycott. Paralympic star Amy Marren also commented. “Have you even thought about how this portrayal will be received by the people with the true impairments?”he railed against production.

Anne Hathaway at the Annual Hollywood Film Awards in November 2018
Anne Hathaway with her “witches” make-up
Anne Hathaway in New York, March 2019

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