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Matt Damon: New ‘Ocean’s’ Movie?>feeds>

July 29, 2021 – 7:00 p.m. clock

Matt Damon would be back on camera for another ‘Ocean’s’ part.

The 50-year-old actor embodied the pickpocket Linus Caldwell in the successful franchise around the master crook Danny Ocean (George Clooney).

If another part of the Steven Soderbergh trilogy was shot, Damon said he wouldn’t say no. On SiriusXM’s ‘Jess Cagle Show’, the Hollywood star said: “This has always been my position since we shot ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’. Since the last day of shooting, I’ve been ready to shoot ‘Ocean’s Fourteen’.” It would be particularly important to the ‘Bourne’ actor, however, that the deceased cast members Bernie Mac and Carl Reiner are honored in a new part. Matt explains his point of view: “It’s what it would be like, you know, we lost two members of our gang, Bernie and Carl, what would this movie be like? That would have to be a great writer to make, but the other guys and I always are still in contact. This film created great friendships, so we would always return. “

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