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Lizzo Rumors feat. Cardi B .: The rumors are true! All!

Lizzo, actually Melissa Jefferson, once studied classical flute. Cardi B. (after her nickname Bacardi) was a stripper at times and stole from her customers.

Lizzo: “Rumors feat. Cardi B. “. Rumors like to accompany success, even more so the combination of success and fame. No wonder so many are singing about it. Fleetwood Mac dedicated an entire album to “Rumors”. . . Most of the songs about rumors are about cheating and jealousy, in the broadest sense also with rapper Lizzo.

This is about her status: she is accused of having a bad influence on (fat) women. She confidently goes on the offensive: “All the rumors are true, yeah”, she sings and an extra deep bass kicks in before trumpets trumpet the accompanying melody. Heavily pregnant Cardi B. goes in the same direction: “Give them something to talk about.” Let them talk! Lizzo is fed up with justifying herself – whether for her weight, her clothes or what she posts: There are more important things. “Sheesh” both utter at the end: Here the youth word sounds like rolling eyes.

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(“Die Presse”, print edition, August 15, 2021)

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