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Indiana Jones: Allusions in TV series – 18 highlights!


The “Indiana Jones” films are very popular and cult today. We list 18 homages from TV series that allude to the film series with Harrison Ford.

Indiana Jones Allusions in TV Shows: From "the Walking Dead" until "The simpsons"

Indiana Jones references in TV series: From “The Walking Dead” to “The Simpsons” (Source: / Lucasfilm)

Together with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg created the “Indiana Jones” film series in the early 1980s. Harrison Ford can be seen in the lead role as a charismatic archaeologist, who embarks on numerous gripping adventures and experiences plenty of iconic moments.

These very moments are taken up nowadays in prestigious series like “The Walking Dead” or comedy hits like “The Big Bang Theory”. Numerous allusions and humorous tributes prove that “Indiana Jones” is still very popular today.

On the next few pages you will find the best of these homages to the adventure film series. Be warned about spoilers for the films. Only these short moments are explained in the individual series, so you don’t have to worry about spoilers for the series. Have fun!

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