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Has Cameron Diaz abandoned her marriage to Benji Madden?

The 46-year-old and her lover were in Los Angeles at the same time. However, they should have completely avoided each other there. In addition to her marital problems, she is said to have been let down by her best friend during this difficult time.
While Benji Madden was giving a concert in LA, Cameron Diaz was seen leaving a sushi restaurant a few minutes’ drive away with a sad look. It should have been spinning between the couple for weeks. “Benjamin’s relapse hit Cam hard,” the couple’s friends know. “His drug problem only made things worse. Cam just can’t fight anymore. She gave up,” they say. Although the 39-year-old musician promised to seek professional help, the blonde seems to have avoided him ever since. At times like these she could use her best friend’s help. However, even sister-in-law Nicole Richie is said to have sided with Benji and left Cameron alone with her doubts and problems: “Nicole has not even asked Cameron to accompany her to her husbands concert.” The marriage of the two stars is now said to be completely over: “Cam has nothing more to say to Benji and his family. They haven’t even spent Thanksgiving together. There’s nothing left to save.”

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