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(Half) naked facts: Britney Spears shows her bottom on the net – Stars –

This is how the pop icon shows itself

This is how the pop icon shows itself
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Oooops, she did it again! Since the pop singer fought against her father’s guardianship in court, more and more revealing pictures and videos of the toxic icon have been circulating online.

Now the 39-year-old publishes an Instagram video in which she only poses in front of the camera in a mini thong.

“This is really my bum”

The mother of two is open: “Here is a video so you can see that this is my real bottom !!!! No filters or edits …”, Spears writes under her Instagram post. There is currently a lot of speculation as to whether her allegations or questions have been made about the authenticity of her bottom.

Free Britney – her liberation blow

What is clear, however, is that it was not the first time recently that the pop star has shown his naked side. Again and again, topless pictures appeared on her Instagram profile. Now the pretty blonde makes a statement: “I felt as if the burden of the world was on my shoulders. And that’s why I want to see myself that way now. In a lighter way. Naked. The way I was born. “

The new “Titney Spears”

The increasingly frequent, daring Instagram posts meant that Britney became the new “Titney Spears”. Opinions about the permissiveness of Spear’s pictures and videos also allow split spirits. Comments like “She’s going crazy again” or “Please start writing new songs, your talent is more important to us than such nude pictures” can be read under the video. While some fear for the Hollywood singer’s well-being, the other followers see her recent behavior as an emancipated reaction to the paternalistic process and as an “artistic expression of freedom”.

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