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Films for the soul: Lebenshilfe from Jack Nicholson and Co.

In more than 40 years, the physician and enthusiastic cineast has collected a number of “therapeutically valuable” films (see right) that would have helped his patients again and again. It goes without saying that ham like “At your side” (also marked with the “Dahlke seal of approval”) has a comforting effect on relationship problems. But with cancer? In this case, doctor recommends Dahlke “The best comes at the end” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman: “Both have a strong communication disorder and get lung cancer – that is very consistent in the sense of ‘disease as a symbol’.”

When Googling the Dahlke bestseller from the 90s, the newcomer to esotericism quickly comes across the (controversial) core message: A sick body is only the symptom of a sick soul. To put it more simply: It is your own fault who gets sick.

As Nicholson and Freeman so. In the film, the two patients create a “bucket list” with things that they would like to experience – something that is loud Dahlke everyone, sick or not, should do. “That would be a wonderful way of preventing such a disease. at Freeman it is a therapy support at Nicholsonwho suddenly gets well, a step towards healing, I think. Because he finds himself, jumps over his shadow, implements the desires of his heart. “

Which film shaped the father of a daughter personally? “’Beyond Africa‘ with Robert Redford as an eternal youth who is very charming, but does not get involved. Three of my best friends were like that, and I too had a tendency to risk a lot over and over again. “

Pleading with his Hollywood therapy Dahlke also for reclaiming the evening after work: consciously watching smart films instead of letting yourself be showered by long-term advertising and stupid reality formats. “Then you will have a better night.” Sounds pretty reasonable. And completely unesoteric.

Info: “The Hollywood Therapy – what films reveal about us ”, 472 pages, € 20.50



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