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Everything we know about the new Disney series – wmn

Millennials love Disney. And in recent years, the movie giant has noticed this love more and more. Above all, the real film adaptations of the popular classics have proven to be real box office hits in recent years. Even Beauty and the Beast has drawn the audience into the cinemas in his latest real-life adaptation with Emma Watson. I want to achieve this Disney build up now and give the fans of the fairy tale classic a huge joy: It will be one Beauty and the Beast-Series that ties in with the events of the last real-life film!

Everything we know about the “Beauty and the Beast” series:

Prequel series for “Beauty and the Beast”: These familiar faces are included

Already last year there was talk of whether there would be a prequel series Giving beauty and the beast target. The success of the last real film adaptation with actors like Emma Watson and Luke Evans left the Disney-Heart beats faster. And now it’s confirmed: the series is in production and two main actors of the movie are back!

Luke Evans and Josh Grad will return to their roles as Gaston and Lefou for the prequel series. Newcomer Brianna Middleton will take on the female lead and play Lefou’s stepsister Tilly. Variety reports that eight episodes have already been ordered for the musical prequel series. Well-known Disney composer Alan Menken is also featured for Beauty and the Beast-Series write the music and the soundtrack and provide catchy melodies.

Luke Evans
The “Beauty and the Beast” series will be about Gaston’s life. Credit: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

That’s what the Beauty and the Beast series is all about

Beauty and the Beast– There have been a lot of series. But these have always been limited to the main story between Belle and the Beast. The prequel series, on the other hand, focuses on a completely different story: The focus here is on Gaston’s life and development.

The plot of the series is therefore Years before the events of Beauty and the Beast settled. Gaston, Lefou and his stepsister Tilly must set off on an unexpected journey after a surprising revelation from the past. You discover secrets of the past, find new friends: inside, but also nasty villains. In addition, this prequel offers an insight into the life of the ‘arrogant’ Gaston and shows how he became the man we all know through the numerous film adaptations.

Gary Marsh, the chairman of Disney Branded Television spoke with Deadline about the series and the special advantages: “For everyone who has always wondered how a brutal guy like Gaston and a fool like LeFou could ever become friends and partners, or how a mystical sorceress came up with the fateful magic To speak to a prince who has turned into a beast, will finally find answers in this series … and a whole host of new questions. “

When does the Beauty and the Beast prequel begin?

The bad news: We will certainly have to wait some time for this exciting series. Filming is slated to begin in spring 2022, with Luke Evans producing the series. The working title, however, already promises a lot: “Beauty and the Best” (in German: “The beautiful and the best”). This shows directly that even if we get to know Gaston from a different point of view, he will still be the same self-loving man we all know (and somehow love).

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