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Emma Amour: “I allowed him to have sex with someone else when he was drunk …”

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Emma Amour

Emma Amour
Dear Emma

My boyfriend and I have been arguing every time we go out for a few weeks. The reason is actually just as stupid as it is ridiculous (in my eyes): We were drunk and discussed what else we want to experience sexually. And then he said he would like to have sex with a complete stranger because he has never had an ONS.

And I, as drunk as I was, thought it was really great at the moment, because he talks so openly about his wishes to me and blah blah blah and suddenly the idea didn’t seem so bad to me in the foggy moment. And that’s when I agreed to the project. And now the fool actually insists he can have sex with someone else!

Because I said YES drunk, he should be allowed to cheat on me now – I would have allowed it – so his argumentation. I mean hello? Hackts ?!

Perhaps it will be of use to him if I show him the answer to this question from you and he will finally give him peace of mind. And if not, he can break up with me and have as many ONS as he wants.

PS: Of course, he never wants to talk about it soberly and never even starts with it.

Warm wishes,

Hoi Anouk

You can turn it how you want: Alcohol can be an extraordinarily big wanker. Just like in your case. I can empathize with you so well. This “Suff Gate” could very well have happened to me: You’re drunk, easy-going, tolerant, cool, thinks everything is great, easy, is cosmopolitan, is understanding, blah blah blah.

And then the club. Booby head and a fling that is allowed in the drunkenness.

Anouk, I would be annoyed with myself too. So I am very with you.

Your friend seems to take your “go” very much at face value. But as you describe, only when he’s drunk, especially since he doesn’t want to talk about it soberly.

Well, here I see the only way out, how you get out of this number. I advise you to bring the topic to the table in a quiet minute at home and away from any drinks and make it clear to him that of course you don’t want him to have sex with someone else.

Tell him how much that would hurt you. And what consequences it would have for your relationship. Tell him all of this even though he already seems to know it. Especially since he “only” thinks of the ONS with the stranger when he is drunk.

But I can see another problem, let’s call it: deep down inside him, the desire for sex with the stranger seems real. Find out if it’s just a fantasy or if he really wants it. If the latter is the case, then it is important to find some compromise that works for both of you and that prevents breaking up, especially since I have the feeling that you have it great away from the “Suff Gate”.

All the best.


And what would you say to Anouk?

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Emma Amour is …

… City dweller, single, mid-30s – and watson’s blogger, who not only reports blatantly about her love life, but also takes care of your questions. And don’t worry: you will remain anonymous with your questions – just like Emma. It is very important to Madame Amour to continue to hop undercover in training pants to the Indian man across the street.

It's not me, but that's what I would look like as an illustration.  Öppe.

It’s not me, but that’s what I would look like as an illustration. Öppe.

picture: watson

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