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Currently more Bitcoin nodes in Germany than in the USA

For the first time, more Bitcoin nodes were registered in Germany than in the USA. This was the result of a data analysis of Bitnodes. There are currently more than 10 thousand Bitcoin nodes worldwide that allow incoming connections.

1833 of them are in Germany and 1821 in the USA. France is far behind in third place with 549 nodes. Only 152 bitcoin nodes can be recorded in China.

Redistribution of Bitcoin nodes since 2019

Germany was already on the verge of overtaking the USA in 2019 – but at that time the gap was significantly larger, because 2400 nodes were registered in the United States and only 1900 in Germany.

However, if you consider Germany’s significantly smaller population, that is quite a remarkable number.

But how could Germany, which is also economically behind the USA, overtake the North American state? Part of this seems to be due to the fact that the number of publicly accessible nodes has decreased in the US – but has remained the same in Germany. However, the data analysis did not reveal who is using these nodes.

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Germany new crypto paradise?

In recent years, Germany has transformed into a true coding paradise, which is particularly valued by developers due to its strict data protection regulations. And as the icing on the cake: the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), which with around 7700 registered members can be described as Europe’s largest hacker association.

USA are facing crypto regulations

Another reason for the decline in Bitcoin nodes in the US could be the increasing influence of various financial houses on regulators – and in most cases for them Restriction pronounce different crypto assets.

Does that mean that the US’s global influence in the crypto universe is beginning to wane? That remains to be seen. It is clear, however, that the decline in US BTC nodes will benefit Europe – and especially Germany. Despite the announced regulations of crypto assets, the political environment is generally considered more permissive and liberal – and many crypto programmers want this freedom in their work.

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