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Crypto market is still showing corrections

On Friday there were corrections in the crypto market at the end of the week after the #BitcoinDay (Trending Topics reported). The situation looks similar on Monday (September 13th). Most of the top currencies have been down in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin has fallen by around two percent to the value of 38,000 euros, with a capitalization of 715 billion euros. However, there are two bright spots on the market: The rising currency Algorand and, above all, Polkadot.

Corrections in the market again – Terra rises

Polkadot has achieved a plus of seven percent in the past 24 hours. As a result, the value is now 29 euros, the capitalization just under 30 billion euros. The overall market crashed last week after El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender, but at least Polkadot has recovered from a week ago. Algorand achieved a plus of five percent to 1.80 euros, with a capitalization of almost ten billion euros. The currency has grown a whopping 55 percent in the past week.

The Polkadot chart for the past 24 hours.  © CoinMarketCap
The Polkadot chart for the past 24 hours. © CoinMarketCap

There have been significant corrections to the two hype currencies Terra and Solana. In the past 24 hours, Solana has lost eleven percent and is thus worth 134 euros. Compared to a week ago, however, the price is still six percent higher. The capitalization stands at almost 40 billion euros. Terra recorded a decline of 14 percent to 30 euros, with a capitalization of twelve billion euros. Nevertheless, the plus over the past seven days is nine percent. On the market as a whole, the capitalization is stable at 1.7 trillion euros.

Top stories

Cardano receives smart contracts upgrade

The Cardano blockchain received its “Alonzo” protocol upgrade and an associated hard fork today. After years of preparation, it is finally ready to execute smart contracts. The currency Cardano saw a rise over the weekend (Trending Topics reported). However, it will end again on Monday. It has experienced a minus of seven percent and is therefore worth two euros with a capitalization of 65 billion euros.

Cardano after Alonzo upgrade: departure into a difficult smart contracts future

NFT marketplace OpenSea loses 50 percent trading volume

Due to the NFT boom, the OpenSea marketplace, which specializes in digital tokens, has experienced a tremendous rise. In August it had a transaction volume of 3.4 billion dollars. However, this rise has slowed down in the past week, writes Cointelegraph. Trading volume has plummeted 50 percent from the weekend to $ 792.23 million.

Nasdaq provides price feed for decentralized platform DeFiChain

The tech exchange Nasdaq wants to provide its price feed for DeFiChain, a DeFi platform built on the Bitcoin network, reports Bloomberg. DeFiChain offers trading in tokenized stocks that match the underlying price of large publicly traded companies like Tesla, Amazon and Apple. The shares can be purchased in fractions without the need for investors to purchase a full, traditional share, which requires the custody of a physical share certificate. They are secured by cryptocurrencies, eliminating the need for an intermediary, and can also be purchased in the form of decentralized loans.

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