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Clutter instead of spill at “About You” Fashion Week: Leni Klum on the catwalk

Updated on September 12th, 2021, 12:29 PM

Fashion Week in Berlin is back after a two-day break under the motto “About You”. The middle-good Saturday is bright, colorful, cool – with an international squad of young content creators and A-listers, including Leni Klum, Lorena Rae, Bill Kaulitz and Black-Eyed-Peas rapper Will.I.Am.

Marie von den Benken

One column

from Marie von den Benken

Two days of the Fashion Week break in Berlin are over. Luckily. After three days with 12 appointments in 14 hours you don’t even know what to do on Thursdays and Fridays. “Germany’s Next Top Model” and “Let’s Dance” are over. “Love Island” keeps me afloat a little bit – but nevertheless I catch myself creeping melancholy through my dressing room and almost tenderly fondling the goodie bags of the past few days.

Fortunately, the glamor withdrawal is over on Saturday evening. Two days of cold fashion turkey. A long time for me – but only a few hours for Tarek Müller and Julian Jansen, the minds behind About You Fashion Week, which is called AYFW for short based on MBFW (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week). Nevertheless, the two and their team managed to transform the power plant in Berlin into a futuristic social media content spaceship within just two days. Bright, colorful and cool. Kind of like a Katy Perry song on a loop. But one of the good ones. By the way, MBFW commonly stands for Marie-von-den-Benken-Fashion-Week in the fashion industry, but since one of my greatest strengths is my legendary modesty, it is not that big. Especially not from me.

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Keyword Big Bells: Micaela Schaefer. No, little fun. Again: Keyword big bells. After the celebrity density was a bit slimmed down during the regular Berlin Fashion Week from Monday to Wednesday compared to the pre-Corona period (except for me, I have two kilos more than in January 2020), it is the same under the motto “Freedom of Identity “AYFW already has the delta of celebrity material in the capital with the opening show on Saturday evening. Finally gasping again at the photo agency paparazzi on the red carpet: “Hey, Janine, take a look here”. Yes, Janine Ullmann. The boulevard had recently said she was having an affair with the football god Neymar, but questions about these rumors had always been brilliantly dribbled around in interviews.

While the guest currency “1 Ullmann” would have already represented the celebrity factor “Bitcoin” at most of the shows of the past few days, it is only one of many at the rendezvous of major influencers with a fashion background. Whining at a very high level, of course. Because nobody wants to be number one among jungle camp wannabes and GZSZ actors if they can also be in the top 20 of the international reach elite. And it was almost completely there on this good Saturday in Berlin. Rain showers during the day, then in the evening thunderstorms of flashlights. Every second About You pumps young content creators into the hall alternating with A-list celebrities and floods the AYFW photo catwalk with an international potpourri of faces for which every tabloid newspaper writer from the “Stars” section would even take a writing course.

Fashion Week: Leni me too far out of the window?

The concept of “clumping instead of spilling” runs right through to the catwalk. Leni Klum and Lorena Rae, among others, stroll down the catwalk. Lorena Rae’s real name is Lorena Rape, but just before her move to New York and the international breakthrough was around the corner, someone remembered that the name “Rape” in the US is not necessarily the best rung on the corporate ladder. So it was agreed to delete a “P”. If your name is Lorena Rape, that’s okay. If you were to be called Lorena Purin, for example, that would be more problematic. But back to the topic: In addition to Lorena Rae, Leni Klum also plays on the AYFW catwalk. Of course, it has a locational advantage. After all, she is the daughter of Heidi Klum and practically absorbed the subject of the model walk with her mother’s milk. Incidentally, it came from Hans and Franz and that’s not a gag now. Google “what does Heidi Klum call her breasts”. Leni Klum will be presenting her own collection that she has developed together with About You on Sunday. I will not be able to report on that, however, because for the 3L collections (Lena Gercke, Lena Meyer-Landrut and Leni Klum) I am of course not prominent enough and unfortunately I have to stay outside.

But that’s not until tomorrow. Today I am here and can write my scientific, analytical report. So while Leni, nourished by Hans and Franz, presents herself on the boards of the model world, I watch the fashion happening from a group of celebrities. The US rapper Will.I.Am is sitting with me on the catwalk (you may know him from the Black Eyed Peas or a duet with Sarah Connor, who is surprisingly missing today). In addition, among others, Lena Gercke, the male supermodels Luka Sabbat and Jordan Barrett, Karolina Kurkova, Klum family addition Bill Kaulitz, Guido Maria Kretschmer, Eva Padberg, Nikeata Thompson, Xenia Adons, Swantje Paulina (with brother), Katharina Damm (with sister) , Sami Slimani (without sister), Elena Carrière (without bra) or Liz Kaeber (all in green – possibly a political statement on the upcoming federal election?).

Better not the lyric me

More celebrities per square meter (PPQ factor), so even as a faux pas in Armin Laschet’s campaign vita – and that means something. But let’s get from celebrity density to celebrity poet. No, this does not mean Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre, who stays away from the Fashion Week party hustle and bustle without excuse, and also not David Hasselhoff, who is often considered the closest celebrity, but myself. I have this poem about the opening night of the ” About You “Fashion Week wrote:

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
There are tons of celebrities here.
That doesn’t rhyme now.

Just in case you’ve always wondered why you’ve never found a volume of my poetry in your trusted bookstore. My poems this season are worse than Hertha BSC’s scoring.

Tomorrow, children, there will be something

With a heavy heart I begin to come to terms with the fact that the name Marie von den Benken will probably never be mentioned in the same breath with poetic word art. I console myself with the pleasingly large number of vegan delicacies at the after-show party. For a few minutes, I drape myself prominently at clearly visible hotspots of the opening festivities. My hope that numerous celebrities will come up to me and ask for a selfie, however, is dashed quite quickly and quite emphatically. Since my outfit is relatively light, I quickly disappear into the Berlin Saturday night. Too big the fear that someone else will give me their empty champagne glass.

Besides, I have to be fit tomorrow. In the afternoon the Lascana show takes place in the power plant. There are increasing indications that my wonderful friend Kim Hnizdo will ennoble the model lineup. Kim in Lascana lingerie – I hope you have your blood pressure tablets handy when you follow me on my Instagram stories tomorrow for the Lascana show.

So. With this teaser in the category “Water already runs together in the mouth”, I say goodbye for today. The anticipation for tomorrow is great. In the evening after the Lascana show, I go straight to Studio 20 in Berlin Adlershof to discuss the latest fashion trends with Olaf Scholz, Armin Laschet and Annalena Baerbock at the second triumph. But more of that in my weekly review. Your favorite column. At least on Monday. At least from the ones I wrote. Until then!

Lena Meyer-Landrut - First fashion collection

After a long break, Lena Meyer-Landrut starts again professionally – not only musically: On Friday, she presented her first fashion collection in the Brandenburg town of Zossen on the site of a gravel pit.

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