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Chris Hemsworth’s HIIT workout – trainer reveals details

Actor Chris Hemsworth (37) is associated with a steely body – at least since his role as the god of thunder “Thor”. Many would like to know how to keep his impressive fitness level. Then please read on, because his personal trainer gave it away.

Actor Chris Hemsworth has been in great shape for years. What exactly he does for this can be admired on his social media platforms – because the 37-year-old keeps sharing details about his training there. Often at his side: personal trainer Luke Zocchi. At “Men’s Health” he showed a HIIT workout that he put together for Chris Hemsworth. It concentrates on “core body strength, explosive lower body work and resistance upper body work,” explains the professional there. FITBOOK took a closer look at the individual exercises.

Chris Hemworth: his HIIT workout to join in

The training consists of several exercises, each of which must be carried out for 45 seconds. In addition, each round should be run twice. The goal: “To create a strong and functional body that looks great and feels good”. Let’s go!

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Round 1

Walking planks

Luke starts his HIIT workout à la Chris Hemswoth with walking planks. He pushes himself from the forearm support position into the push-up. This trains the core of the body and the arms are also stressed.

Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches are next on the agenda. Lying on his back, Luke moves arms and legs diagonally to each other, which trains the abdominal muscles.

Squats to jumping squats

As one can derive from the name, “Squats to Jumping Squats” are squats that can be combined with a jump. The focus here is on the leg muscles.


The first round of Hemsworth’s workout routine ends with the V-Sits. Here, too, the name gives it away: the body forms a V (viewed from the side), the only point of contact with the floor is the bottom. Tense your legs tightly and stretch them away, also tighten your abdominal muscles. Then Zocchi moves his legs towards the upper body. This exercise also targets the abdomen and also the hip flexor.

After a 30-second break, the Hemsworth HIIT workout goes into the next round.

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round 2

Renegade Rows

The start is made by Renegade Rows. To do this, Luke performs alternating rowing movements from the push-up. With the help of dumbbells you train your shoulders and back.


Now it’s the legs again – 45 second squats. In order not to neglect the arms, Zocchi performs hammer curls.

Knee lever open

For cardio training, this is followed by a run on the spot with the knees sharply raised – in other words: a knee lever up.

It reads exhausting – and looks even more exhausting. You can find the complete video instructions at “Men’s Health” – here!

Round 3


Round 3 starts with a variation of the V-sit. This goes on until the abdominal muscles really burn!

Star jumps

Now Zocchi changes to the “star jumps” (also called jumping jacks). Finally, lie back on your back again, alternately touching your ankles with your hands and hitting the lateral abdominal muscles.

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Round 4

Bicep curls + shoulder press

The final round of Chris Hemsworth’s HIIT workout starts with bicep curls and shoulder squats. Here Luke first performs the arm exercise before moving from the top position to the shoulder exercise.


If the arms and shoulders are tired, lunges are required. This guarantees a burning sensation in the legs.

Deadlifts + Reverse Flys

Finally, a combination of two exercises follows: the deadlift and the reverse fly. First, the personal trainer completes a deadlift and then leans forward. For the reverse fly, extend your arms away from your body, your upper body parallel to the ground. Now bring your arms towards your back.

The crowning glory is squats. And now good night …

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