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Chris Hemsworth saves himself from the Fast & Furious star at the last second

In the DC / Marvel muscle warfare, testosterone flows thickly. So far, Chris Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson have been in the biceps arms race for Thor 4: Love and Thunder and Black Adam among themselves, but now women are overtaking them: recently, muscle goddess Natalie Portman erased an MCU failure, now it’s turning off Hemsworth’s wife and Fast & Furious star Elsa Pataky with a – and almost runs over the shocked Thor while training.

Place there, Thor: Fast & Furious star pushes Chris Hemsworth aside

That is now shown in a video that Elsa Pataky on Instagram published. There the actress can be seen doing a fitness training that even the gods of thunder do Driving beads of sweat onto the Nordic forehead should. Pataky pushes an entire frame and weight through the gym – and almost flattens her husband Chris Hemsworth, who slips onto the road for a short time.

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Swipe at Chris Hemsworth’s Thor muscle war

While Hemsworth and Johnson outperform each other when it comes to building muscle, they are not really in a competition to react to each other. Apparently quite different between Hemsworth and Pataky:

That combative with “Get out of my way, Thor!” The overwritten video is sure to be a happy one too Swipe at Chris Hemsworth, who spends every free minute in the gym for Thor 4. At least as long as he doesn’t put Dwayne Johnson in his place with Pataky as the MCU party animal.

But the video also proves that the actress is in no way inferior to her husband when it comes to fitness devotion – and that is not surprising in her adrenaline-driven roles.

Fast & Furious star with MCU appearance: Thor’s wife leaves nothing to be desired

Elsa Pataky’s filmography certainly leaves one Tendency towards high-speed action recognize. In addition to her appearances as Dominic Toretto’s friend Elena in the biggest racing car franchise from Fast & Furious Five, she was seen alongside Samuel L. Jackson in Snakes on a Plane or was involved in the action war film 12 Strong. In between, she even made her MCU debut.

Next to Dwayne Johnson in Fast & Furious Five: Elsa Pataky

In the end credit scene of Thor 2, she stepped in as a double for Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, who played the returning Thor greeted with a warm kiss. It is possible that she can also be seen in Thor 4 in a similar function on the screen. In this case, she shouldn’t worry that her thunder god husband is in the way – after all, the upcoming MCU cracker will be about everything, just not Thor.

With Thor’s brother Loki: All 17 new Marvel series at a glance

WandaVision has started a new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Disney +. In this episode of Stream flurry let’s look at the 17 new Marvel series that you can look forward to from 2021 to 2023.

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Matthias, Max and Patrick took a closer look at the 17 (!) Marvel series that await us soon at Disney + after the Avengers sitcom WandaVision. In the podcast you can find out everything about the new series, which really have highlight potential and which can hardly arouse our interest.

How do you know Elsa Patanky?

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