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CDU misuses Leonardo DiCaprio’s film as a motivational video – and obviously she doesn’t know how it will end

Can the election campaign get any more bizarre? At a party event, the CDU misappropriated a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio as a motivational video. Whoever came up with the idea might not have known: After this scene, things will only go downhill for them DiCaprio figure Jordan Belfort. The satire about the degenerate financial system in the US is not going well.

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What is behind the bizarre CDU election campaign video with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Vice editor-in-chief Felix Dachsel discovered the video on Twitter. It was apparently intended to make the party’s employees ready for the vote in the last two weeks of the election campaign before the general election.

Let’s go out now and let’s convince the people with Armin Laschet and if necessary we will force it. (Quote from the video.)

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That Motivational potential the scene can be denied. Like a general, Leonardo DiCaprio, in his role as Jordan Belfort, whips the army of Broker: inside; he holds a rousing pep talk, the crowd cheers, complete ecstasy in the office. The CDU probably wanted that too: to create momentum.

That happened recently at an event in the CDU federal office (Konrad-Adenauer-Haus). If you lack charisma and rousing rhetoric yourself, you fall back on film characters. Two weeks before the federal election, the CDU with Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet is between four and six percentage points behind the SPD in surveys (TIME online )

Is the CDU’s Leonardo DiCaprio video really real?

There are derogatory terms like “Sozen” and sentences like “Smurfed, dear Olaf”, which means Armin Laschets, often described as a “smurfy” SPD competitor in the Chancellor’s race, Olaf Scholz. In any case, the video seems so desperate, over-the-top and embarrassing that the satire departments of the Today Show, extra or ZDF Magazin Royale could well be behind it.

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Felix Dachsel has now verified the authenticity. However, according to Vice, it is not an official party video, Armin Laschet was not present when the clip was shown, explains a CDU spokesman.

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Does the CDU know that Wolf of Wall Street has a rather demotivating ending?

Martin Scorsese’s film follows a classic rise-and-fall pattern. The extreme mood of optimism in the scene above is followed by a brief intoxication phase and then the frantic descent. Wolf of Wall Street is 3 hours long, the creators of the video may not have finished watching the movie.

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Do you motivate yourselves with quotes from Jordan Belfort in the morning?

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