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Camila Cabello in the lead role

E.t was once a famous, widely edited fairy tale in which fabulous shoes and glamorous dresses played a major role, which could only come from the land of later haute couture. But Charles Perrault’s “Cendrillon” played in a distant realm far away and for a very long time. The traditional division of roles between the sexes certainly anticipated the 1950s. Women had little possessions (other than their prized virtue) and fainted as soon as a future breadwinner stood before them. Because once selected, nothing stood in the way of full economic protection with a lifelong maintenance guarantee. Whoever was queen remained queen. The price was the transformation of a peculiar female (basement) existence into a tailor-made clothes rack. No real guy wanted to have anything to do with quirky, nasty ladies like the two step-sisters from Cinderella.

At most in the Czech romantic film edition “Three hazelnuts for Cinderella”, the future bride was allowed to be smarter than her prince, who was already a horror reading. She was allowed to ride faster and shoot better. But charm was still a duty. Edited for the stage, “Cinderella” looked different since Prokofiev. In his story ballet, the girl in the basement dances herself a wolf with the broom, while the musically impressive weird topics are reserved for the sexually targeted stepsisters. Anyone who has ever seen one of the hilarious various “Cinderella” productions of the Royal Ballet London with Sir Frederick Ashton and Robert Helpmann as drag sisters will remain spellbound as if by LGBTQ magical powers – despite the dreamy Margot Fonteyn in the role of Cinderella.

After several mainly corona-related postponements and the final end for the cinema, Amazon Prime now has a new, reasonably funny, diverse, self-determination celebrating musical version of “Cinderella” to see. At least indirectly, the British production can also be interpreted as a commentary on the current upheavals in the royal family.

Camila Cabello is similar to Meghan Markle

It was thought up by the British comedian and presenter James Corden, who can also be seen in the film in the role of one of Cinderella’s three mouse friends. With “Carpool Karaoke”, where he chats and sings with stars in the car, Corden invented an extremely successful entertainment format. Some time ago, however, he preferred to take the tourist bus through Los Angeles with his friend and New American Prince Harry and squeezed him about his ideas for the future, about grandma and the kingdom. Who is surprised that the “Cinderella” musical, also produced by Corden, has a leading actress with pop singer Camila Cabello who looks a lot like Meghan Markle?

This “Cinderella” film is a rather unsubtle, colorful boom with handsome group choreographies (by Ashley Wallen) with loud “I want to live my life the way I want it” messages. Messages that not only the strong-willed Cinderella, who prefers to become a clothes designer and “businesswoman” as queen, sends in a completely undiplomatic manner, but above all her prince, the somewhat colorless Robert (Nicholas Galitzine). Who throws the regalia at the feet of the ridiculously stiff father Charles, uh, King Rowan (Pierce Brosnan) and his queen (Minnie Driver) to do his very own thing overseas with Cinderella.

While her robes are prêt-à-porter for sale at best, the fabulous fairy (Billy Porter) enchants with a creation made from a disco revival glitter suit under a bright satin dress. Musical actress Idina Menzel shines as a stepmother, the stepsisters play Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer. With appropriately inserted songs by Janet Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Ed Sheeran, Gloria Estefan and many others, the list is supplemented by a few including classic chopsticks by Schubert, Vivaldi, Mozart and Bartók (Score Mychael Danna, Jessica Rose Weiss), you can hardly put it down Emphasis on dramaturgy. Gospel choir and brass band (with the charismatic “town crier” Ben Bailey Smith) sound with fervor and fanfares: Relax and be who you are. Throw away the inherited privileges. Your emancipated wife will feed you. She has the connections that you still lack for happiness in life. Incidentally, the number revue was not shot at Windsor Castle, but in the English Pinewood Studios.

“Cinderella” is running on Amazon Prime Video.

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