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Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden: Breakup Drama On Vacation

The trip to Italy by the VIP couple Cameron Diaz, 45, and Benji Madden, 39, didn’t look like Dolce Vita! OK! knows what really happened in Florence.

Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden: “They abused each other badly”

She had been looking forward so much to a romantic evening! Delicious pasta, candlelight, vino … perfect conditions to shake off the crisis mood of the last few weeks. Cameron Diaz had really high hopes for the Florence vacation: Here she wanted to leave all relationship problems behind and start all over again.

And then this: Her husband Benji Madden was not in the mood for togetherness. He invited a couple of friends to a dinner date. A very clear signal for Cameron: He doesn’t care about marriage rescue! Completely taken by surprise, but immediately at 180 she made the “Good Charlotte” rocker such a violent scene in the middle of a public park that complete strangers became aware of passers-by.

They insulted each other, even tears flowed,

eyewitnesses revealed to the Italian press. But the trigger wasn’t just the messed up date. With Cameron, the nerves were especially bare because the befriended couple had their one-year-old child in tow. The actress can’t stand so much demonstrative family happiness at the moment. Because Camerons unfulfilled wish to have a baby burdens them insanely.

Diaz’s unfulfilled desire to have children puts a strain on the marriage

“She keeps crying about it”, reveals a good friend. “Cameron wants nothing more than a child. But no matter what she does, it just won’t work. That makes them totally exhausted! ” The 45-year-old even has one artificial insemination tried! Pure stress for body and soul. But Benji doesn’t seem to have a clue of understanding and sensitivity. Otherwise, the rock star would have refrained from meeting his friends and their toddlers in this situation. On the contrary, Cameron’s husband also increases the pressure:

We love children and definitely want to start a family. I saw in my brother Joel how he only became a man after he became a father. All band members have children

stressed the musician in the summer of 2016. Especially bad: Cameron blames himself for the childlessness. No wonder that under the strain she is only a shadow of herself. “I really want my own children, but I would also adopt”, she sighs. “I have so much love to give!” But raising a strange child was never an option for Benji.

So: Sex according to plan, new hormone horror – and more drama! Because the associated mood swings at Cameron are said to have driven the musician into the arms of other women … With casting show jury colleague Jessie J, 30, he got along well outside of the “The Voice”-Studios so good that they met privately several times. And insiders claim that Benji enjoys the attention of his groupies a little too intensely on tour …

In the past, Benji didn’t skimp on turtle tweets. In 2016 he was still deeply in love. “I couldn’t be more proud of my stunning wife. She lives to make the earth a better place. I am amazed every day by her courage, her strength.” But such declarations of love have been over for months. No wonder Cameron doubts their love and questions everything.

Out of grief: Cam totally withdraws

In her grief, the actress not only withdrew from show business (she last stood in front of a camera in 2014). No, also from hers Mom friends Drew Barrymore, 43, and Gwyneth Paltrow, 45, she became more and more isolated.

Your total isolation has already reached depressive proportions. Cam literally barricaded himself at home

In the spring, people around them worried about Cameron’s constitution (OK! reported). “I am retired”, the blonde explained defiantly. But the retreat did not at all fit in with the previously cheerful and self-confident Californian.

Diaz was already on his packed suitcases, but then rowed back

According to friends, Cameron and Benji are supposed to be in Los Angeles Long separated lives. So the couple sorely needed the marriage rescue program in Florence. No wonder Benji’s behavior finished off his wife. “For her, his egoism and ignorance are signs that it is not worth fighting for the family dream alone”, a close friend is sure. She reveals that Cam was already sitting on packed suitcases, but then rowed back. Why?

A tough line she doesn’t want to pull (yet). Instead, a trial separation is under discussion. That was allegedly indicated by Cameron. The “Generation RX”-Tour of Good Charlotte. By then, she wants to have made a decision. She promised her friends that she would be tough on herself. How much trust how much love is there anyway? The actress wants to find out by keeping her distance …

In the event of a divorce, Benji will cash in Madden

Benji knows what’s at stake. And one can only hope that he won’t misbehave again now. The fact is: In the event of a divorce, Cameron will be asked to pay. She owns $ 100 million, he “only” has $ 20 million. Since the two have no marriage contract, the property would be split up. Payday for Benji! Hopefully the prospect of the fortune isn’t a motivation to secretly thwart his wife’s attempted marriage reanimation.

Meike Rhoden

Cameron Diaz was just unlucky with the men:

1. Jared Leto: 1999-2003

With the Thirty Seconds to MarsCameron was even engaged to the front man. Did she divide his addiction? “Some drugs are amazing”, he liked to sound.

© ddp Images

2. Justin Timberlake: 2003-2006

“He’s damn weird”, Cameron once said about the singer. Hart: He broke up with her via text message from a private jet.

3. Paul Sculfor: 2008-2009

The British male model asked Cameron to leave California. As soon as the move was completed, he separated in 2009 and married someone else.

4. Alex Rodriguez: 2010-2011

The baseball player sent Cameron Diaz to play sports, she mutated into the Hulk. It was still not enough for him: “That really hurt”, she said.

5. Sean Combs: 2008-2012

Cam and Diddy had an on-off relationship for four years. They used each other to fill in the gaps – until he finally separated from her in 2012.

© Getty Images

6. Elon Musk: 2013

The blonde would have liked to hold onto the PayPal billionaire and Tesla boss, but the triple divorced was allegedly only playing with her feelings.

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