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Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler just had a great conversation

Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler got along great, even though they come from different corners of the same world.


In its “Actor on Actors” section, the “Variety” magazine puts stars against each other and films the entertainment. After many shallow conversations, they now stumbled upon gold – with Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler.

The normal case is the film-savvy interviewer who sits across from the real Hollywood size because of his job – and questions them. The former knows everything about the latter, the reverse is not true.

But with the “Actor on Actors” format, which can be seen on YouTube and the participants’ websites, eye level is the order of the day. Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler met this time and easily proved what immense film knowledge they have – of course, with this experience as an actor.

The focus of the video mentioned at the beginning is of course the current films of the two: Brad Pitt plays a stunted stuntman in Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, Adam Sandler plays a bad luck jeweler in “Uncut Gems”.

The worlds of the two actors couldn’t be more different: Pitt has worked with the most renowned directors and acting colleagues in dramas and action films, Sandler has always played shallow comedies – he even produces these almost single-handedly.

The only connection is likely to be Jennifer Aniston: You and Pitt were once a couple, Aniston and Sandler have been best friends for years.

They are actually two different personalities. Adam Sandler seems nervous and absent-minded, while Brad Pitt articulates thoughtfully and fluently. Both seem to have the deepest respect for each other’s work, which is reflected again and again in that conversation.

“You, as a performer, give your characters a kindness of heart that always makes them likeable – like in ‘Punch-Drunk Love’!” Enthuses Brad Pitt.

Known for his modesty anyway, Sandler thanks him with the words: “This is fantastic. I sometimes worry about not being able to get this across. That the strength of a character does not seem authentic. “

The much-discussed “theme park cinema”, as director Martin Scorsese calls the Marvel films, and the dying of cinema also find their way into conversation.

In his typically awkward manner, Sandler tells the anecdote of how he had to drive an hour to get from his house to a cinema that was even showing “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

Pitt notes that it’s the battle between streaming and the big screen.

Sandler is convinced that this is only a phase. Soon the cinema will have depth again and offer shallow entertainment.

Towards the end of the conversation about the film business, acting and life in Hollywood, Pitt tells his favorite story about Sandler: According to this, when he was studying drama at university, he was invited to a beer by his lecturer. And in the bar, the professor carefully made it clear to him that he would not make it as an actor – the heart was there, nothing else.

Sandler confirms the anecdote halfway.

Pitt continues: “Then you happened to meet the drama teacher again in a bar after your breakthrough. For many people this would have been the time to rub it under his nose. But you introduced him to your friends with the following words: ‘This man was the only professor who invited me to the university for a beer.’ Is that true? “


“I love you for that.”

And Pitt continues: Sandler had come so far in the film business because of his nature. He is a man whose behavior suits others well.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is currently showing in our cinemas. “Uncut Gems” is expected to be available on Netflix in January.

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