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Anna Kendrick: Stunned by chart success

Anna Kendrick
Stunned by chart success

Anna Kendrick

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Actress Anna Kendrick can’t believe that she is in the top ten with her song ‘Cups’ from the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’

Anna Kendrick (28) thinks it’s great that she landed at number 6 on the charts without advertising.

The actress (‘Up in the Air’) hit the charts in January with her song ‘Cups’ from the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’. The song has steadily moved up from 93rd place and reached 6th place this week. The actress pushed herself in front of stars like Bruno Mars (27, ‘Treasure’) and Maroon 5 (‘Love Somebody’). “I’m amazed,” beamed the American in an interview with ‘Vulture’. “The strangest thing is that it has left artists behind who have all been promoting their singles – which they should, after all, they are musicians! And I make films. I made this little film in Harlem instead of something for.” to do the success of the single and yet it’s there now. That doesn’t make any sense. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s so cool! But for me it was crazy that it happened by itself and I did something else in the time It’s so cool. But it’s absolutely weird. “

Now fans of Anna Kendrick are demanding that, because of her surname, she should team up with rapper Kendrick Lamar (‘Swimming Pools’) in a so-called mash-up – two songs are mixed together into one. “It’s weird that he’s so hip at the moment, because I keep being told on Twitter that I should do a mash-up with him. There is a picture of the two of us that shows us photo-assembled. It is like that so weird, but that shows that the internet is all about wasting time, “laughed the artist.

However, Kendrick is too busy to look at it any further. She has just shot ‘Drinking Buddies’ alongside Olivia Wilde (29). The tragic comedy is about employees of a brewery and the subject made the Hollywood star drink your thirst while shooting: “During one scene they gave me the wrong beer, but during one scene where I was with Jake [Johnson] Playing cards, it was real beer and I didn’t realize it. Every time I lost, I poured beer on myself. It was only in the middle of the scene that I realized that I was dead drunk. And once the scene was over, I had to tell everyone that I was drunk at work. I was scared that I would become one of the stars who get drunk and knock down tables. I sat down quietly and sobered up again, “chuckled Anna Kendrick.


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