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Anna Kendrick: Strange tattoo wish |

Anna Kendrick
Strange tattoo wish

Anna Kendrick

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A fan wants to have Anna Kendrick’s likeness tattooed on their face. Your reaction: go ahead!

Anna Kendrick, 28, has a huge Twitter following, some of whom overdo it a little with her devotion.

The actress (“Up in the Air”) was confronted with a request that took a bit of getting used to on the social network: “Anna Kendrick, I would like to have your face tattooed on my face”, a somewhat overzealous fan let her know. The American replied and could only hope that the young man understood the irony: “Go ahead. That wouldn’t be strange at all and you won’t regret it for the rest of your life.”

Yesterday, the actress went to the Beyoncé Knowles, 32, concert in Los Angeles, where other celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, 29, and Julianne Hough, 25, were seen. The evening left the dark blonde beauty a little croaking: “Beyoncé with her call and answer number was a little intense today. I have to regroup first.”

Kendrick certainly has vocal volume, as she proved with her single “Cups”, which comes from the music film “Pitch Perfect”. The song even hit the charts this year and fans wanted to hear more from the artist. You already had a certain project in mind: “It’s weird that Kendrick Lamar is so hot right now, because I’ve been told so often on Twitter that I should do a mash-up with Kendrick Lamar. There’s even a photo that makes our two faces merge. It’s really crazy! You can see that the internet is mostly a waste of time, “laughed Anna Kendrick at the trouble her fans make. As long as she doesn’t tattoo her face on her face, everything should be okay.


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