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Anna Kendrick: Flirt with Jared Leto

Anna Kendrick
Flirt with Jared Leto

Anna Kendrick

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Hollywood beauty Anna Kendrick had a great time at the Grammy Awards with Jared Leto and Beyoncé Knowles

Anna Kendrick (28) had a lot of fun at the Grammy Awards.

The actress (‘Up in the Air’) met her colleague Jared Leto (42, ‘Dallas Buyer’s Club’), who promptly shared a photo of the two on Instagram with the caption “Me and Anna Kendrick at the Grammys”. The Hollywood beauty then reported cheekily on Twitter: “Okay, I’m going out with you, Jared!” The funny thing about this campaign: At the Golden Globes in mid-January, Leto posted a similar picture of himself and country star Taylor Swift (24, ‘Dear John’) and thus simmered the rumor mill about a possible affair.

Anna Kendrick wasn’t idle that evening and posted a photo of herself chatting with Beyoncé Knowles (32, ‘Hello’). She wrote: “Guys, it happened! I met Beyoncé and she is an angel. I am not worthy of her. And I will not stop shaking, pathetic fan that I am.”

The official pictures showed Anna Kendrick still in good spirits, but the American must have looked a little too deep into the glass later, because the next morning she said on Twitter: “You know you have a hangover when you wear your sunglasses while brushing your teeth. “

Anna Kendrick could even win a Grammy at some point, because her song ‘When I’m Gone’, which she warbled with the help of cups in the film ‘Pitch Perfect’, was a hit in the USA and it will soon be the sequel to the musical film give – maybe it will work with a price.


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