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Although he “suffered”: That is why Ben Affleck took on the Batman role

This role was both a blessing and a curse. Since 2016, Ben Affleck (48) has slipped into the costume of the comic hero Batman for the films “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, “Justice League” and “Suicide Squad”, the last time he will be the bat for “The Flash” – Put on the mask. He’s never really happy as a black avenger: The reviews were devastating, his engagement was overshadowed by a relapse in alcohol. However, one fan has remained loyal to him over the years and should nip any regrets in the bud: his son Samuel.

“I have Batman played for my children. I wanted to do something my son would like. I mean my kids didn’t watch “Argo”the actor said on a podcast of Hollywood Reporter. He had worn the costume to his son’s birthday party, which was worth every moment of suffering. In the past, Samuel is said to have even believed that his father actually hunted villains as Batman.

The eight-year-old is the youngest of three children who are dating Ben Relationship with ex-wife Jennifer Garner (48) originated. In 2015, the two announced their divorce after ten years of marriage. Last was Ben with fellow actor Ana de Armas (32), but they broke up a few days ago.

Ben Affleck, actor
Ben Affleck, actor
Ben Affleck at the “The Way Back” premiere in LA in March 2020

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