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Wolverine debut in MCU announced? Hugh Jackman explains suspicious Marvel pictures ·

Hugh Jackman recently caused a stir among Marvel fans with two Instagram photos. Had he really announced his return as Wolverine? Now he provided the answer.

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Hardly any film character seems to be so inextricably linked to a star as Wolverine with Hugh Jackman. The fans were accordingly bent when the Australian hung up his claws with “Logan – The Wolverine”. Especially since not much later the rights for the X-Men including Wolverine went to Disney. Actually, Jackman wanted to embody the mutant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) on the side of the Avengers. The excitement was correspondingly great when Hugh Jackman apparently indicated his return.

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On Instagram, Hugh Jackman shared two pictures with his fans in quick succession. Thanks to a tweet from Big Screen Leaks, you can check out the two impressions here:

The first picture is a work of art by bosslogic, who has made a name for itself with this type of artwork and often works officially for Marvel. You can see an arm of Wolverine on it, recognizable by the three iconic blades. The other snapshot, however, shows Hugh Jackman with Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios and architect of the MCU.

In combination, many fans interpreted this as a message that Hugh Jackman was hinting at his return as Wolverine and had just met with Feige for his MCU debut. Now Hugh Jackman himself commented on the incident.

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Hugh Jackman apologizes: “I didn’t mean that.” approached Hugh Jackman about the reaction to his Instagram pictures, and the Hollywood star explained the situation as follows:

“I literally posted fan art and I do this a lot because I just love it. And I love the fans. And then I was gone to do something else and when I came back I was like, ‘Oh, I think I destroyed the internet. No no no no. Guys, i’m sorry. I did not want. I really didn’t want that. I am truly sorry. ‘ and I thought, ‘Nobody will believe me.’ But it was like that. And you guys are just too fast for me. Much too fast and smarter than me. I just love the fans. And that’s why, when cool things cross my path, I pass them on. “

Most of them assumed exactly this explanation: a simple coincidence, nothing more. A return for Jackman would of course be possible despite “Logan – The Wolverine”, after all, the MCU opens up to the multiverse. Accordingly, Jackman could stop by for a brief appearance or a one-off adventure and receive his film with the Avengers without having to commit to years.

However, the actor made it clear that he was now too old for this stuff and that it was becoming increasingly difficult to get into the Wolverine top shape that fans were used to from him. Not to mention that “Logan – The Wolverine” brought him a successful farewell. Accordingly, Hugh Jackman recently made another clear statement about a possible return:

Hugh Jackman did not answer what was behind the meeting with Kevin Feige. Maybe it was nothing more than a reunion between acquaintances, after all Feige was already working on the first “X-Men” trilogy as a producer. Theoretically, Jackman could even take on a different role than Wolverine’s role in the MCU, although that would certainly piss off some fans. Otherwise Kevin Feige also produces a “Star Wars” film, about which little is known so far, but if the two really talked about business, it could also have been about a role in this mysterious project.

Despite Hugh Jackman’s clear rejection, we can look forward to mutants in the MCU, Kevin Feige announced that much some time ago. In what form and when this will happen, however, is still unclear.

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