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When the dream vacation turns into a nightmare

With the new action thriller “Beckett”, Netflix is ​​showing a fast-paced film that was also included in the official selection of the Locarno 2021 Film Festival.

the essentials in brief

  • A couple is on vacation in Greece, but they get caught up in a political conspiracy.
  • After a tragic car accident, nothing seems the same as it used to be.
  • The Netflix film is based on the novel “Born to Be Murdered” by Elinore Denniston (1945).

Beckett and April are a young American couple on vacation in Greece. Due to political unrest, the two are forced to leave their hotel in Athens.

Instead, they continue to travel to the mountains in the north of the country. On the way to the accommodation, however, there is a tragic car accident, as Beckett loses control of the car.

Severely injured, he sees a woman with a red-haired child standing at the scene of the accident, but immediately disappears.

His girlfriend April dies on the spot. Shortly afterwards, Beckett finds himself in a hospital. There he is informed about the further procedure by a supposedly helpful police officer.

The day after, the trusting Beckett goes back to the scene of the accident on his own.

Netflix Thriller is a confusing game of cat and mouse

When the policeman and a blonde woman discover him there, they shoot him. The American tourist takes flight.

A brutal game of cat and mouse follows. Beckett escapes and tries by all means to get back to Athens.

There he is hoping for help from the American embassy. With the help of some locals, Beckett manages to get to the capital first by bus, then by train and car.

In Athens we come full circle. The political unrest and the mysterious boy from the scene of the accident seem to be linked.

Without receiving any specific information, Beckett tries to solve the mystery and see his dead girlfriend one last time.

Modern film noir

With “Beckett” Ferdinando Cito Filomarino has succeeded in creating an exciting thriller that is also reminiscent of the film noir of the 1940s. Without an excessive number of chases and fight scenes, the Netflix film skillfully keeps the tension going.

Hollywood stars John David Washington (son of Denzel Washington) and Alicia Vikander can be seen in the leading roles.

Infobox «Beckett» on Netflix

Production country: Italy, Brazil, Greece, USA

Original language: English

Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama

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