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The perfect director has been found

Life is pouring again into the last failed Dark Universe by Universal. After the planned Cinematic Universe around classic horror icons was discontinued due to the heavily flopped The Mummy remake with Tom Cruise, it is currently taking on a new form.

The reason for this is the great success of The Invisible Man with Elisabeth Moss, for which the budget was kept comparatively low and that The box office profit is all the higher was.

It is already clear that the next thing is Ryan Gosling for one new Wolfman movie becomes a furry monster. Now is that too Director for the project has been committed and it could hardly be more suitable.

Here you can watch the trailer for The Invisible One again

The Invisible – Trailer (German) HD


Invisible director Leigh Whannell also directs The Wolf Man

After laying the foundations for a new kind of dark universe with The Invisible One, Leigh Whannell will also direct The Wolf Man with Ryan Gosling. As Deadline reported, is the filmmaker just in negotiations to the director’s post. He should also write a draft script.

After Whannell’s successful collaboration between him, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse with The Invisible should but little stand in the way of his obligation. With a budget of $ 7 million, the horror thriller has worldwide around $ 125 million recorded.

Leigh Whannell is the perfect choice for Wolfman directing

Leigh Whannell has long been one of the most exciting voices in the horror genre. The Australian became known from 2004 through his collaboration with director James Wan. Whannell was a screenwriter and actor Involved in several Saw and Insidious films.

In 2018, with Upgrade, he delivered his most exciting work to date as a director and screenwriter. The mix of science fiction, horror and thriller convinced despite the lower budget with creatively staged action and a story that desolate revenge inferno with a technological nightmare connected.

You can watch the upgrade trailer here

Upgrade – Red Band 2 Trailer (English) HD


Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man turned out to be just as exciting. In the new edition of the story about a scientist who becomes an insane killer through a serum, the director cleverly shifts the focus. Instead, The Invisible is devoted to the scientist’s partner, who has long been out of this toxic, violent relationship wanted to escape.

Whannells The Invisible One not only wanders impressively close between thriller and horror, but also tells one contemporary history in the current #MeToo climate about the difficult path that victims of domestic violence or physical abuse take to make themselves heard with their voices.

Therefore, the excitement and anticipation is already rising for Leigh Whannell’s The Wolf Man, which is said to be based on films like Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal and tells the story of a newscaster who becomes a werewolf. More information about the planned start of The Wolf Man does not exist yet.

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How do you feel about the choice of Leigh Whannell for the Wolfman film with Ryan Gosling?



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