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Star cut: This is how Leonardo DiCaprio’s nineties hairstyle works

Even if the film “Romeo + Juliet” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes is almost 25 years old – the looks still inspire us today. We’ll show you how to bring the 90s vibe into the present with a Bro Flow! (Also Read: Fashion Trends: Eight Films Showing Our Style Role Models In Summer 2020)

Who does the hairstyle suit?

“Men who like to be changeable. Serious during the day, casual in the evening – this hairstyle can do both, ”says Jennifer Sand, master hairdresser and brand manager at Moroccanoil. “Which look it should be is simply determined by the styling.”

What should the hairdresser pay attention to?

The trick is that the hairstyle doesn’t look too helmet-like: “With this cut, you have to make sure that the outer silhouette remains slightly round and that soft transitions are cut. In addition, point the tips slightly so it doesn’t get too compact. ”(Also worth reading: With this tie you can return to the office casually like the“ Wolf of Wall Street ”)

How do you style the hairstyle?

The styling is straightforward: “Depending on the look you want, let it air-dry or use a blow dryer for more volume. Warm a small amount of wax, such as ‘Moroccanoil Texture Clay’, in your hands and distribute it evenly in the hair. ”And so the hairstyle can have different effects:“ First, slip the sides behind the ears and, depending on the desired look, loosely over it drop it or swipe it backwards. “

Moroccanoil “Texture Clay”, 75 ml for 27 euros, via Douglas


What do you need to consider when it comes to care?

Put on a moisturizing shampoo and don’t miss out on the conditioner. “With fine hair it can also be a volume shampoo and conditioner.”

What makes the hairstyle so cool?

We’re not really fans of 2-in-1 products. But this hairstyle is an exception. “The diversity of this hairstyle is what makes it so special. No matter if you wear a hoodie, a Hawaiian shirt or a suit – this hairstyle completes every look. “

The essentials for the nineties look:

# 1: The right shampoo

“Equalizing Shampoo” from Aesop, 500ml for 38 euros, via


Here there is still a bit of fullness for the hair, the active ingredients such as fennel and eucalyptus leaf are extra gentle on the scalp.

# 2: for hair styling

“Hairplay Liquid Wax” from KMS, 100ml for 28 euros, via


Versatile styling through this wax, which spreads smoothly like a gel and through which the hair can be re-shaped again and again.

# 3: the mask for a healthy scalp

“Detox Scalp Mask” by Malin + Goetz, 32 euros, via


Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp. Apply the gel to the scalp once a week before washing.

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