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Resemblance to a 75 year old? Comparison triggers heated debate

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Billie Eilish is currently working hard on her new look. A fan now claims that the pop singer currently looks like the 75-year-old country icon Dolly Parton – and thus ignited a discussion in the Instagram comments.

Billie Eilish stands in front of a picture of country singer Dolly Parton, next to it an emoji and in the background rainbow colors (photo montage)
A fan claims that Billie Eilish looks like country singer Dolly Parton with her new look – and thus triggers a discussion in the Instagram comments (photo montage) © Pablo Gianinazzi / Mike Nelson / Sebastian Willnow / Mark Von Holden / AP / Invision / dpa / picture alliance & screenshot / Instagram / Billie Eilish

Los Angeles – New year, new look: Billie Eilish * (19) indulged in the last few weeks a little makeover, dyed her hair blonde and at times wore a fashionable pony cut. Important: The fans of the pop singer * support her every step of the way, posting tens of thousands of compliments under the selfies of the multiple Grammy winner, post for post. The “bad guy” interpreter has long been not just a musician, but also a style icon who has already established many a trend with her unique outfits. Since her latest change, however, the singer-songwriter looks like country icon Dolly Parton (75), finds a fan – and triggers a discussion on Instagram *. * reports.

Billie Eilish: New Snapshot Delights Millions – Does She Look Like Dolly Parton?

Billie Eilish * is obviously not a friend of long words: On Tuesday (April 20, 2021) the pop musician announced via Instagram that fans will soon be able to look forward to big news from the 19-year-olds. Taking a photo of them True to style with a blonde 80s blow-dryer hairstyle smiles into the camera, the American wrote: “things are comingggg” (in German: “things are coming”). In fact, it is clear that the chart topper will be this year the follow-up to her debut album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” (2019) will publish.

While the masses were delighted with the announcement in the comments, an Instagram user claimed that Billie Eilish * bears a striking resemblance to US legend Dolly Parton in the picture: “You look like Dolly Parton.” The 75-year-old singer is considered the grande dame of country music, has been number one in the US country charts with her albums and has sold over 100 million records over the course of her decades of career. In terms of success, the 19-year-old would do well there surely like to cut off one or the other slice – but also optically?

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Dolly Parton
For comparison: Country singer Dolly Parton is known with this striking look – a certain similarity between the 75-year-old and Billie Eilish’s most recent Instagram photos cannot be denied, but the truth is probably in the eye of the beholder © Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / dpa / picture alliance

Billie Eilish: Fans Discuss Dolly Parton Settlement – “Billie Looks Like Billie”

As for Billie Eilish’s * new hairstyle, the Dolly Parton comparison isn’t that untrue – is it? The opinions of the fans differed widely in the comments: From a determined “That’s what I thought too” to an uncertain “Let’s not compare the two” to a harsh “Shut up!” – everything was there – the Internet just! One Instagram user commented: “Billie looks like Billie, just blonde.” “The next album will be country,” joked another user in view of the mentioned resemblance to the 75-year-old country icon.

And? Who is right now? Some saw it, others didn’t and a handful of fans threw a pop star Lady Gaga (35), US actress Scarlett Johansson (36), Rock singer * Courtney Love (56) or Hollywood celebrity Goldie Hawn (75) in the group – by the way, all three are also blonde. Well, if that’s enough for a serious similarity …

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