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Reese Witherspoon takes 2020 with humor

It is not news that the year 2020 did not go as it was expected in January for everyone. Actress Reese Witherspoon (currently on Vox in the nasty-fine series “Big Little Lies”) thinks that you can see that with humor. And posted a collage on Instagram in which she juxtaposed photos of her film roles with the months of this pandemic year. She starts in January with the very cheerful pink Elle from “Naturally Blond” and from June she transforms into the battered main character of the film “Wild”.

Colleagues thought it was so funny that they started working on the collage app right away. In January, Kerry Washington still wore a chic, glittery dress, in May she was already hanging on the giant red wine glass (as in her series “Scandal” 80 percent), and from July to September she was a victim of deprivation of liberty.

Model Cara Delvingne illustrates a similar drop in mood (and hairstyle reduction).

Actress Jessica Chastain also tried her hand at being an annual analyst.

And so that it doesn’t remain a purely female challenge, Mark Ruffalo has also intervened: For him, the Hulk has been since June 2020 – unpredictable and moody.



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