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Major changes in the Toni Erdmann remake

Should Jack Nicholson end his acting retirement at some point, the Toni Erdmann remake will not be the reason. The wrap and according to its insiders, the three-time Oscar winner is no longer involved in the project. The most obvious substitute would probably be Bill Murraywho was originally offered the role by Kristen Wiig and who simply missed his chance. Wiig will remain in the film as the leading actress and producer.

This is the new Toni Erdmann director

The post of the male leading role is initially unoccupied, but the position of director has now been filled by Lisa Cholodenko. The Oscar-nominated director and author (The Kids Are All Right) took over the script in the spring after Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner left, and now she is also responsible for the direction.

Toni Erdmann

This is a US remake of the hit comedy Toni Erdmann, which was released in Germany in July 2016. The film follows the ambitious Ines (Sandra Hüller) and the attempts of her father Winfried (Peter Simonischeck) to take some of the seriousness of life from her with his alter ego Toni Erdmann. the US remake plans became known in February 2017, shortly after the Oscar nominations, in which Toni Erdmann made it into the Best Foreign Film category as a German entry.

Who would you give the male lead in the Toni Erdmann remake?



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