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Leonardo diCaprio invests in solar system rental company Enpal

Mario Kohles cleantech startup has 5,000 customers in Germany so far – several million are expected.

One of the crux of the business model of Enpal is to raise enough capital to finance solar systems for millions of people in advance over 20 years. This is exactly where the young cleantech company from Berlin has always achieved great successes: In addition to the Zalando-Founders, Alexander Samwer (Picus Capital) has now too Leonardo DiCaprio invested in Enpal as the most prominent head to date.

At the cleantech company with great ambitions, things are currently going in quick succession: The solar leasing startup Enpal, whose business is examined in more detail here, only won additional investors in early November with the three Zalando board members Rubin Ritter, David Schneider and Robert Gentz who gave “several million euros”.

In addition, Lukasz Gadowski and Alexander Samwer are among the existing investors at Enpal. At the beginning of November, the investment total for the business model with the photovoltaic systems was more than 100 million euros.

Now comes fresh with Leonardo DiCaprio as part of the mutual fund Princeville Climate Technology the most prominent investor in addition. Princeville is also making a mid-single-digit million contribution to help the cleantech company grow and turn its ambitious plans into action.

Enpal as an important driving force for the energy transition

For the acceleration of the energy transition and the more rapid expansion of renewable energies, draft horses like Enpal or Zolar are very important building blocks. Enpal, for example, wants to have five million households supplied with photovoltaic systems in the next seven years – so far it has been 5,000.

Enpal rents the PV systems to its customers for 50 to 160 euros a month. If you estimate the PV system at 5,000 euros per customer, it becomes clear that the company has a lot more capital requirements. But: In the long term, the business model can turn into a billion-dollar business. That is why Enpal is already attracting first-class international investors.

The cleantech company already employs 400 people to make the range of solar systems attractive to customers. The rental model is already suitable for countless roofs in Germany – the customer has no investment costs, but pays the amount that he previously paid the energy provider to Enpal.

In return, he gets clean energy from his own roof and becomes an important part of the energy transition. If Mario Kohl’s calculation works out, there is not only reason to be happy for Leonardo DiCaprio, but also for many satisfied customers. In view of the urgent need for the energy transition, the company must be granted success.

Sonia Gupta
Soniya Gupta, who joined the Technical University in October 2015, continues his education life at Technical University. As the passion for aviation increases day by day, it has a great interest in technology and gaming.


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