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Julia Roberts: Violent allegations |

Julia Roberts
Bitter accusations against the Hollywood star

Julia Roberts

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The fiancé of Julia Roberts’ late sister raises serious allegations against the Hollywood star.

Is Julia Roberts, 52, not America’s Sweetheart? The “Pretty Woman” actress and Oscar winner is actually Everybodys Darling and enriches every red carpet with her radiant smile, but she has been facing very serious allegations for some time.

Julia Roberts: Scandal about half-sister Nancy Motes

But let’s start at the beginning: Nancy Motes, Julia Roberts’ half-sister, died six years ago at the age of only 38. An autopsy revealed that the young woman died of an overdose. In 2014, forensic medicine chief Craig Harvey confirmed that Nancy’s death was suicide and that various substances were found in her body. She drowned in the bathtub after taking the drugs. Roberts said shortly after the loss to the “WSJ” magazine and said about the death of her half-sister: “It’s just heartache. It’s only been 20 days. There are no words to describe what we went through in these 20 days . “

Information on offers of assistance

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Criticism against Julia Roberts

But the actress and the production assistant (“Glee”) are said to have not maintained a very good relationship with each other, Julia Roberts also stayed away from the funeral service of her half-sister, according to reports. Nancy gave an interview to the British Daily Mail a few years ago, which did not put her famous sister in a good light. Among other things, Motes said at the time, “When I was in high school and she was an adult, she let me know I was overweight. She made it pretty clear, and not in the nice way.”

Bitter farewell letter

Nancy Motes even left a suicide note and felt harassed by her sister all her life: “My so-called siblings get nothing but the memory that they drove me into the deepest depression,” she wrote, among other things.

Allegations from Nancy Motes (†) fiancé

Nancy Motes’ fiancé, John Dilbeck, 37, is also known for shaking Julia Roberts. The actress showed no sympathy or sadness after the death of her half-sister.

John Dilbeck publicly accused Julia Roberts of intimidating and bullied her half-sister. Criticism probably peaked when Nancy Mote’s partner claimed: Julia Roberts is responsible for her death.

“You are a tyrant”

In a Twitter posting, he wrote: “Be honest Julia, you are a tyrant. You are nothing but a hateful bully and I still hold you responsible for Nancy’s death!”
Compared to the British “The Sun”, John Dilbeck went even further and claims that Julia Roberts is heartless. “She never acknowledged her existence, just as she did in her lifetime. Out of sight, out of mind.” Julia Roberts has and will certainly never comment on these allegations.

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