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Hugh Jackman wants to swap faces with Ryan Reynolds ·

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in the “Face / Off” remake? At least the ex-Wolverine actor would be open to this idea, as he revealed in an interview.

“Wolverine” and “Deadpool” respectively Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been in a playful and not very serious clinch with each other for quite a while. According to the 51-year-old Australian, it all began on the set of their joint superhero film “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in 2009, in which Reynolds first appeared as Deadpool; at least as a rather bad version of the fluffy mercenary. At the time, Reynolds was still married to Jackman’s good friend Scarlett Johansson, and Jackman warned the Canadian to behave on set for fun. Since then, the two have been trolling across all social networks.

In an interview with the radio station SiriusXM, however, a rather interesting question came up. Radio presenter Julia Cunningham mentioned the wish of many fans to finally see the two of them together again in front of the camera:

“People want you to appear in Deadpool 3 or make a fun cameo. What I saw recently on Reddit though is [der Wunsch]that you are doing a reboot of ‘Face / Off’ in which you have to swap your faces. I think that’s potentially great. “

Jackman replied, “I haven’t heard about that. Is it possible to turn it around so that the truth is that we never have to be together? Is that possible? I am open to this idea. “

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A remake for “Face / Off – In the body of the enemy” is actually in the works

Even if Jackman meant it for fun, the idea of ​​him and Reynolds each in each other’s bodies is hilariously funny. And in fact it would theoretically be possible, because Neal H. Moritz, producer of the “Fast & Furious” series, is currently working on a remake for “Face / Off – In the body of the enemy”.

Originally by director John Woo, it was 1997 John Travolta and Nicolas Cage who fought a crazy action duel with exchanged faces. If Jackman and Reynolds were to slip into the roles of FBI agent Sean Archer (Travolta) and top terrorist Castor Troy (Cage) in the remake, the film could certainly be staged with a wink. After all, the script is written by Oren Uziel, who also designed the remake “22 Jump Street” in contrast to the original for the comedy.

Certainly the makers of the remake of “Face / Off” have no action comedy in mind, but maybe someone at Paramount Pictures will listen carefully?

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