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How cool: Salma Hayek celebrated her birthday with Angelina Jolie!

Is this the beginning of a wonderful friendship? Salma Hayek (55) and Angelina Jolie (46) have been in front of the camera for the new film in the Marvel series “Eternals” for the past two years – the eagerly awaited blockbuster will hit German cinemas in November. Celebrated away from the film cameras and with her family Salma her 55th birthday on September 2nd. But wait a minute! Who else was there at the party? Her acting colleague too Angelina was one of the guests!

On your Instagram-Side shared a video of Salma and her guests. According to a Mexican tradition, she has to stick her face in the birthday cake and eat a bite of it. The 55-year-old cheers for a good-humored round at her action – next to Salma, her brother sits on one side and the grinning “Salt” actress sits on the other! “My brother and I are trying to teach Angie the Mexican Mortida (in German:” Biss “)”, the birthday child jokes about the happy get-together.

Angelina herself already had reason to celebrate a few months ago: In June, the mother of six turned 46 years old. But instead of hitting the plaster with friends, she had chosen a smaller group to accompany her: She and five of her kids went to a restaurant in Los Angeles.

"The Eternals"-Cast and Crew at Comic-Con in San Diego

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney

“The Eternals” cast and crew at Comic-Con in San Diego
Salma Hayek in July 2020
Angelina Jolie with her children at the “Dumbo” premiere in March 2019

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