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Has Cameron Diaz retired from the film industry?

Cameron made her last film in 2014 and has led a completely different life since then. “She is very happy and her life fills her,” a source told Us Weekly. She has now exchanged her glamorous life for an apron in the kitchen and she can’t get away from the stove at all: “She always comes up with new recipes and loves to share the food with the people around her.” She seldom attends events. At the beginning of May, she appeared again in public three years after the publication of her last project. She left her own four walls for her fellow actress Lucy Liu, who was honored with a star on the Walk of Fame that day. Then she attended the ‘EEEEEatscon 2019’ on May 19th. But after the food festival it was quiet again about the blonde.

For Cameron, the wild party times are over. A happy family life is the top priority for her, which is why the Hollywood beauty doesn’t want anything more than to become a mother. She has been married to her lover Benji since 2015. The couple is also said to have tried several times to get pregnant. But without success. “They wanted it more than anything, but realized that it might not happen – and they’re okay with it,” the informant said. Nevertheless, their chances of a film comeback are rather poor: “She thinks she has had so many of these stressful schedules, she just wants to live more slowly and normally now. She loves this time in her life.”

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