Grandma marries a 24-year-old and starts an Onlyfans account

Quran (24) and Cheryl (61) are not only an extraordinary couple, they also celebrate their love publicly on Tiktok and their sex life on their onlyfans page.

The Americans Quran (24) and Cheryl (61) are separated by 37 years of age: But on their social media platforms, the two show themselves as freshly in love as two teenagers. The couple also seem to be on the same level sexually – they openly show this on their Onlyfans account.

But first: As Dailystar reports, the couple already met in 2012 when Quran was only 15 years old and was working in Cheryl’s son’s fast food restaurant. At that time, nothing was going on, as both assure you. But eight years later they met again at a supermarket checkout – and fell in love. Only three months later, Quran proposed marriage to the 61-year-old. Not all of Cheryl’s family came to the wedding – some still seem to be upset about the relationship between the two. After all, Cheryl’s grandson is only a few years younger than her husband.

Sex content on Onlyfans

The ceremony was streamed via TikTok and the clip has been viewed more than 100,000 times so far. Quran counters the accusation of just wanting to earn money with his much older wife: “We love each other unconditionally!” He claims that he only set up the Tiktok account because he was bullied because of his relationship with Cheryl. But now the couple also have their own account on Onlyfans. There they show paying fans erotic and pornographic content. Cheryl and Quan agree that sex is “wonderful”. Quran says they made love for two hours on their wedding night.

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