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Good “heavy” morning: Sylvester Stallone trains with fake weights ?! ✅

Cover picture: Sylvester Stallone trains with fake weights ?!

Sylvester Stallone is a popular protagonist in both Hollywood and the fitness scene. Probably there is hardly an athlete over the age of 25 who has not been inspired by the 1976 film “Rocky”, for which Stallone wrote the script and played the leading role. Over the past few decades, the American has built his reputation as one of the toughest guys in the film business, while also competing with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the top spot of best action star in the 80s.

In top form at the age of 74

Meanwhile, Sylvester is Stallone 74 years old and, like Arnie, still has a solid build that even some young people are miles away from. No wonder, because it looks like Sly never stopped working hard for it. Proof that the father of five, even in old age, does not think about breaking up with training, he provided with one recently released video on his Instagram profile.

The “Rambo” actor can be seen kneeling on the floor of a gym while he is a 45-pound disc in each hand, which equates to about 20 kilograms, moves. With a lot of effort and strength, he finally succeeds in straightening up.

The context in which the said video was made remains unclear, but the 74-year-old provided the post with the following comment:

“Good “heavy” morning! Punching hard till the final bell … “

PICTURED: Sylvester Stallone in the film "Rocky"
In the second part of the classic film “Rocky”, Sylvester Stallone fought Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weathers.

Did Sylvester Stallone cheat?

Anyone who is able to wonder what kind of bell should sound at this point has probably missed a lot. Because that’s what it is Song title, which was recorded as “Rocky” in second part of the classic film Boxing match against Apollo Creed had decided for himself.

The comment column is full of lovely words from his fans, reminiscing and praising the actor for his performance. However, there are also some viewers to whom the discs used in training some suspect occur because they have a resemblance to the weights on can be purchased. Also the fact that such heavy weights wiggle permanently, while Sylvester Stallone lifts it up, it seems extremely questionable at this point.

As mentioned before, the context is missing as to whether this video is actually supposed to be a serious performance or whether maybe Sly could have just acted. The latter definitely seems more likely at first glance. Finally, he added quotation marks to the word “difficult” in his description. Regardless of how much truth there is behind this video, it has to be said that Sylvester Stallone undoubtedly shines with a look that hardly a man of this age can show. Fake or not, he could certainly still take on much younger people.

Instagram: Sylvester Stallone during training
In a recent Instagram video, Sylvester Stallone shows himself during training.
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