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Gemma Arterton, Eva Green, Rosamund Pike: Once a bond girl, always a bond girl – panorama

By Patrick Heidmann

For Gemma Arterton, the screen fake with Daniel Craig was the starting signal for a career in the cinema.  Photo:

For Gemma Arterton, the screen toddler with Daniel Craig was the starting signal for a career in the cinema.


The role at the side of secret agent 007 can be a door opener – or a curse. Not every former Bond girl has made a career after appearing at the side of the double-zero agent, as our overview shows.

By Patrick Heidmann

October 1st, 2014 – 11:19 am

Stuttgart – I was never ashamed of being a bond girl. Why should I? ”Gemma Arterton laughs when asked about her role in the 007 adventure“ Quantum of Solace ”. The British woman was 22 years old when the film was released in 2008. She hadn’t played more than two or three small roles at the time; she graduated from the renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts just a year ago. “At that time I was convinced that a career in the theater awaited me. The Bond film was supposed to be just a little funny change. “

Instead, she opened the screen tale with Daniel Craig the doors for a career in the cinema. As a result, Arterton continues to be asked about being a Bond girl. Even if she actually wants to beat the drum for a new film, as is currently the case for the French comedy “Gemma Bovery”, in the title role of which she can be seen.

Not every Bond girl has made a career

It has always been the case that every new Bond girl receives special attention since Ursula Andress in “James Bond – 007 Dr. Hunts” No “stepped out of the tide in a bikini in 1962. But Arterton is aware that not all of her predecessors actually made a career afterwards. “People often say that there is a curse on Bond girls and that you are only committed to this one role your entire life,” explains the 28-year-old. “But to be honest, I think that is no longer the case today. It’s a role like any other. Because even after other films you are put as an actor in drawers, from which you then have to work your way out again. There are now quite a few Bond girls who have succeeded in doing this. Just think of Eva Green! “

Green, who is currently appearing twice in German cinemas with “Sin City: A Dame to kill for” and “The Salvation” (start: October 9th), had already had two big films when she appeared in 2006 in “ Casino Royale ”when Vesper Lind got between Bond and his opponent. But she also says in the interview: “I’ve long since got used to the fact that I’ll be a Bond girl forever. But that’s okay too. The movie was pretty damn cool and, above all, a great love story. I will be eternally grateful that I was allowed to be a part of it. “

Women in 007 films aren’t just sex objects

Both Arterton and Green have an advantage, however, because former Bond girls like Honor Blackman (“Goldfinger”), Barbara Bach (“The Spy Who Loved Me”) or Talisa Soto (“License to Kill”) did not have them. You played the women at the side of the secret agent at a time when the series was reinvented with Daniel Craig and no longer located close to trash, but was critically acclaimed. The 007 films of this millennium are dark thrillers with a broken hero – and above all with women who are much more than mere sex objects.

Even today, the Bondgirl appearance is not a guarantee for a great career. Olga Kurylenko, for example, who actually played a bigger role in “A Quantum of Solace” than her colleague Arterton, has meanwhile shot with industry greats like Tom Cruise or Ben Affleck, but is still largely a blank slate. Arterton and Green are also likely to feel the oversized 007 shadow at times. Despite a lot of leading roles in “Prince of Persia”, “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” or now “Gemma Bovery”, the British woman is still waiting for the great success. And the “Sin City” star, who was born in France, cannot shake off the image of the obscure, gloomy femme fatale.

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